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Ontario Boat License Study Guide Pdf

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As a regulator, Transport Canada accredits third-party organizations and businesses course providers to provide boating safety education and tests to the public and to issue Pleasure Craft Operator Cards. All fees for courses, tests and card replacement services are established by course providers. Fees for services may vary among course providers. Course providers accredited by Transport Canada are listed below in alphabetical order. Contact a course provider to find services in your area. To learn how to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card, see Proof of competency for recreational boaters.

It is now the LAW! All Ontario and Canada boaters must posess certification of completion of their boater course in the form of the " Pleasure Craft Operator Card " or Boater Card. This includes drivers of all personal watercrafts PWC that are motorized including boats, jet skis, Sea-Doos, Waverunners, and even canoes or boats with trolling motors. Conveniently, you can quickly and easily complete the boater course online and the boating licence operators card will be mailed to you. You can even print a temporary card if you are about to use your boat immediately. The boaters test includes unlimited retries until you complete the test and become certified.

Whether a driver decides to get a boating license online or in-person, he or she must carry prove of having completed the necessary program with him or her at all times when driving a water vessel. Pennsylvania Boating License Those unfamiliar with Pennsylvania often have an image of the state very much defined by the iconic urban nature of its two greatest cities: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Choose Your State; Choose your course and register for free. If you were not able to complete your course by that deadline, you will need to sign up for a new account and register again. Help keep boating safe and fun! Safe Boater: This boater has completed the Safe Boating Class and Navigation Course and is prepared with equipment and knowledge to keep the vessel and crew comfortable and safe. Duplicate licenses are obtained by submitting a request form for a replacement card.

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A requirement of the Transport Canada Quality Management regime for PCOC instructors requires that instructors complete some professional development PD activities during their annual certification period. In order to meet this requirement Sail Canada asks that instructors indicate the PD activity they completed each year, in advance of annual registration. PD should reflect approximately a day in duration and may be composed of a number of shorter duration sessions. Identified PD activities may be reviewed and instructors asked to provide additional information or proof of attendance at the identified PD activities. This applies to Instructors who are teaching and examining courses on their own behalf. If you are teaching for a school then usually the school will take care of the administration, however, you should be aware of the procedures and must have a copy of the policy for administering the PCOC exam. This manual provides information on presenting training and provides a curriculum plan for delivery of a hour course including exams.

Note: Course material included when you register to a complete classroom course. Get your boating licence today with Safe Boater! This study guide has been produced to give its readers the basic knowledge necessary to acquire a Pleasure Craft Operators card. Free online boater's practice test with answers. You may contact the author if you wish more information on those specific topics. When you buy a boat, you need to get a pleasure craft licence.

The course offers the basics of safe boating that all recreational boaters should know and covers a number of important laws and regulations. Find out if you need a boating license or boater education card and take a safety course today! March 21st East Meadow. Each and every page of the study guide features a short movie with incredibly detailed animations and engaging narration. March 7th East Meadow.

Study Guide for Boating Education

Which boating restriction sign indicates that no power-driven vessels are permitted? Which of the following images correctly identifies the Port side of a pleasure craft? Which of the following displays how passengers should be safely seated on board a small aluminum boat? The BOATsmart!

Boating safety manual

It was written for the whole family to read.

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