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Demographic and economic determinants of migration

Fortress Europe? Given the structural significance of labour migration from the Mediterranean economies and with Europe as one of the main destinations, this paper identifies past and current migration dynamics based on a conceptual review of the forces driving migration. It is clear that the root causes of migration alone, understood as simple push—pull factors, do not explain the complexity of migration determinants. Nevertheless, a historical review of outflows up to the present largely confirms the primary importance of enduring negative socioeconomic factors in the region. Emigration flows from the region show four distinct peaks, each corresponding to specific socioeconomic factors, also affected by sudden shocks to the complex macro-political context. The current fragile structure of the region in terms of socioeconomic factors and the macro-political context still keeps migration pressures high. Despite the civil war in Syria and manifold violent conflicts in the region, the labour market trends and migration policies of destination countries seem to shape future changes most of all.

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There are many economic, social and physical reasons why people emigrate and they can usually be classified into push and pull factors. Economic motives loom large in all human movements, but are particularly important with regards to migration. This lack of economic opportunity tends to push people to look for their futures outside the area of their origin. An example of this is the migration of Mexicans and people from other Central American countries into the US, where they often work low-wage, long-hour jobs in farming, construction and domestic labour. Forced migration has also been used for economic gain, such as the 20 million men, women and children who were forcibly carried as slaves to the Americas between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Root causes and changing patterns of migration in the Mediterranean

The purpose of this paper is to review motivational factors driving migration return by assessing both push and pull factors that influence return intentions. The study aims to expand current literature of migration return, and proposes a conceptual framework. A systematic literature review was conducted to determine the push—pull factors that influence international return migration. The authors did a comprehensive search of electronic databases using relevant key terms. The findings highlight motivational factors in detail and classify them into three categories: economic, psychological and situational.

Saints and Strangers: Push and Pull on the Way to Plymouth Colony

There are a myriad of economic and non-economic forces behind the decision to migrate. In making their decision, individuals compare the net benefits of migration to the costs. By better understanding what forces affect specific migrant flows e. Increases in income differentials across countries often lead to increases in migrant flows. Strong migrant networks have historically played a large role in enhancing migrant flows.

The present study explored the motivation of rural-urban migrants who moved from the Himalaya foothills of Uttarakhand to its capital city, Dehradun. A survey of migrant families reported their socio-economic profile before and after migration, personal and general reasons for migration, problems in the village and in the city, and perception of push- and pull factors. This was contextualised by reported large scale changes in forest cover. Major reasons for migration mentioned in this study were education, employment opportunities with the associated income, and facilities.

Pull Factors

Newfoundland and Labrador's permanent population rapidly expanded during the first half of the 19th century, largely due to an influx of English, Irish, and Scottish immigrants. Until then, the colony primarily served as a seasonal fishing station for European countries and most of its population remained on a temporary basis only. During the early s, however, the migratory fishery gave way to a resident one as more and more immigrants arrived from overseas to live in coastal communities on the island or in southern Labrador. A wide range of factors prompted immigrants to leave their homes and settle in Newfoundland and Labrador. Overpopulation in many British towns caused some residents to move elsewhere, while others wished to escape economic hardships brought on by poor harvests, job losses due to increased mechanization, the failure of local industries, and other factors. In contrast, the early decades of the 19th century brought much economic prosperity to Newfoundland and Labrador. The Napoleonic Wars gave the colony a virtual monopoly of the salt cod trade, while the emergence of a shipbuilding industry, seal hunt, and winter trapping season helped diversity its economy and make year-round habitation possible.

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The push-pull factors of migration

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Push and Pull Factors

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