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Stages And Phases Of Labor Pdf

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Labour is the process of passage of the foetus and placenta from the uterus , through the vagina , to be external to the mother. It is part of the process of parturition , which refers to labour, delivery and birth. Parturition requires the dilation of the cervical canal to accommodate for the passage of the foetus, as well as contractions of the uterine muscle wall that are strong enough to expel the foetus. The entire process of labour and vaginal birth takes an average of 13 hours in women giving birth for the first time, and 8 hours in women who have given birth before.

Stages of labour

Parturition means childbirth. Childbirth is also called labor. Pregnant humans go into labor roughly nine months after conception. Read on to learn about the three stages of parturition and how long each stage lasts on average. The first stage of parturition starts with the onset of labor.

It continues until the cervix is fully dilated. This dilation is divided into two phases:. For some women, the latent phase may last 8 to 12 hours. The second stage of parturition starts at full dilation and continues until birth. This stage also has two phases:. Stage 2 ends with the birth of the baby. At this point, the umbilical cord is clamped, and breastfeeding is often encouraged to help with stage 3.

The third stage of parturition starts after birth and ends with the delivery of the afterbirth placenta and membranes. If the doctor takes an active role — including gently pulling on the placenta — stage 3 typically takes around five minutes. If the placenta is delivered without assistance, stage 3 can last around 30 minutes. A doctor usually addresses this by using a vacuum extractor or forceps to speed up the birth.

This is a surgery to deliver the baby. A cesarean delivery might be the best treatment for this situation. Human babies should be delivered with their head down. A breech pregnancy is when the baby is positioned feet down, bottom down, or sideways.

Sometimes a doctor can reposition the baby manually. Sometimes the solution is a cesarean delivery. Parturition is another word for childbirth. Although not every woman has the same pregnancy journey, they will go through these basic stages.

Having experienced medical personnel to guide you through parturition is always a wise decision in case complications arise. Labor and delivery tends to occupy the minds of expectant parents the most. Read on if you have questions about the signs and length of labor. Atony of the uterus is a pregnancy complication. It occurs when the uterus doesn't contract after the delivery, and it can lead to postpartum….

A uterine inversion is a rare condition in which the uterus turns inside out during childbirth. Read more on complications and treatments. Deciding which type of doctor you want to deliver your baby is an important choice.

Learn about the different specialties to help you make your…. In some parts of the world, consuming saffron during pregnancy is considered to have several benefits. We look at the research. No one is pregnant forever. There are plenty of jokes about unusual pregnancy cravings, but what if you're craving ice, soap, or even dirt?

Learn more about pica in pregnancy. Yes, you can eat oysters while pregnant — as long as they're cooked properly and you avoid excessive amounts. They're even healthy for you! Parenthood Pregnancy 3 Stages of Parturition Childbirth. This dilation is divided into two phases: Latent phase. The cervix is 0 to 4 centimeters cm dilated. Active phase. The cervix is 4 to 10 cm dilated. This stage also has two phases: Passive phase. The mother feels a need to push, or contract the abdominal muscles in time with uterine contractions.

Complications during childbirth. Sometimes there are complications during each of the three parturition stages. Breech Human babies should be delivered with their head down. The takeaway. Parenthood Pregnancy 3rd Trimester. Atony of the Uterus.

Pregnancy Care. Pregnancy Complications: Uterine Inversion. Types of Doctors for Labor and Delivery. Read this next. Labor and Delivery.

Medically reviewed by Bobbie Sue Whitworth, Ph. Medically reviewed by Dan and Jennifer Digmann. Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.

The four stages of labor

If your institution subscribes to this resource, and you don't have a MyAccess Profile, please contact your library's reference desk for information on how to gain access to this resource from off-campus. Please consult the latest official manual style if you have any questions regarding the format accuracy. The last few hours of human pregnancy are characterized by forceful and painful uterine contractions that effect cervical dilatation and cause the fetus to descend through the birth canal. There are extensive preparations in both the uterus and cervix long before this. During the first 36 to 38 weeks of normal gestation, the myometrium is in a preparatory yet unresponsive state. Concurrently, the cervix begins an early stage of remodeling—termed softening —yet maintains structural integrity. Following this prolonged uterine quiescence, there is a transitional phase during which myometrial unresponsiveness is suspended, and the cervix undergoes ripening, effacement, and loss of structural integrity.

Obstetrics Simplified - Diaa M. Labour is the process by which a viable foetus i. The phase of maximum slope is the most detectable and the two other phases are of shorter duration and can be detected only by frequent vaginal examination. The normal rate of cervical dilatation in active phase is 1. The anterior shoulder hinges below the symphysis pubis and with continuous descent the posterior shoulder is delivered first by lateral flexion of the spines followed by anterior shoulder then the body. After delivery of the foetus, the uterus continues to contract and retract. As the placenta is inelastic, it starts to separate through the spongiosa layer by one of the following mechanisms:.

A patient is in labour when she has regular at least 1 contraction every 10 minutes painful uterine contractions with:. If the diagnosis of labour is uncertain the women should be observed for 4 hours. The fetal heart rate and duration and frequency of uterine contractions are observed 2 hourly. The women can be discharged home if:. This examination is only complete when the findings have been charted on the partogram.

3 Stages of Parturition (Childbirth)

During the first stage of labor, contractions help your cervix to thin and begin to open. This is called effacement and dilation. As your cervix dilates, your health care provider will measure the opening in centimeters. One centimeter is a little less than half an inch.

Before labour starts, your cervix is long and firm. During the first hours of labour, the muscles of the uterus womb contract and help shorten and soften the cervix, so that it can dilate open. Every labour is different.

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Stages of labour (birth)


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There are three stages of labour.

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Parturition means childbirth.