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Game theory has been used as a tool for modeling and studying interactions between cognitive radios envisioned to operate in future communications systems. Such terminals will have the capability to adapt to the context they operate in, through possibly power and rate control as well as channel selection. Thus, the potential interactions among them can be modeled through non-cooperative games.

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The popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices has brought about major expansion in the realm of wireless communications. With this growth comes the need to improve upon network capacity and overall user experience, and game-based methods can offer further enhancements in this area. Game Theory Framework Applied to Wireless Communication Networks is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the application of game-theoretic approaches to enhance wireless networking. Featuring prevailing coverage on a range of topics relating to the advanced game model, mechanism designs, and effective equilibrium concepts, this publication is an essential reference source for researchers, students, technology developers, and engineers.

Game Theory in Wireless Communication Networks

The application of mathematical analysis to wireless networks has met with limited success, due to the complexity of mobility and traffic models, coupled with the dynamic topology and the unpredictability of link quality that characterize such networks. The ability to model individual, independent decision makers whose actions potentially affect all other decision makers makes game theory particularly attractive to analyze the performance of ad hoc networks. Game theory is a field of applied mathematics that describes and analyzes interactive decision situations. It consists of a set of analytical tools that predict the outcome of complex interactions among rational entities, where rationality demands a strict adherence to a strategy based on perceived or measured results. In the early to mid's, game theory was applied to networking problems including flow control, congestion control, routing and pricing of Internet services. More recently, there has been growing interest in adopting game-theoretic methods to model today's leading communications and networking issues, including power control and resource sharing in wireless and peer-to-peer networks.

To add more greens into such kind of complicated and time-varying mobile network, we specifically investigate the throughput and transmission delay performances for real-time and delay sensitive services through a repeated game theoretic solution. This paper has employed Nash Equilibrium in the noncooperative game model and analyzes its efficiency. Simulation results have shown an obvious improvement on power efficiency through such efforts. With the exponential growth of the energy consumption in wireless communications, Green communication has been drawing more and more attention in recent years [ 1 — 3 ]. Transmission power, especially, has crucial impacts on enhancing the throughput of wireless communication. However, the unlimited extremely high transmission power is unable to improve throughput in many cases since it merely contributes to a terrible Signal-to-Interference-and-Noise Ratio SINR environment for each node.

Game Theory for Wireless Engineers

This unified treatment of game theory focuses on finding state-of-the-art solutions to issues surrounding the next generation of wireless and communications networks. Future networks will rely on autonomous and distributed architectures to improve the efficiency and flexibility of mobile applications, and game theory provides the ideal framework for designing efficient and robust distributed algorithms. This book enables readers to develop a solid understanding of game theory, its applications and its use as an effective tool for addressing wireless communication and networking problems. The key results and tools of game theory are covered, as are various real-world technologies including 3G networks, wireless LANs, sensor networks, dynamic spectrum access and cognitive networks. The book also covers a wide range of techniques for modeling, designing and analysing communication networks using game theory, as well as state-of-the-art distributed design techniques. This is an ideal resource for communications engineers, researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Recent years have witnessed a lot of applications in the computer science, especially in the area of the wireless networks. The applications can be divided into the following two main categories: applications in the network performance and those in the energy efficiency. The game theory is widely used to regulate the behavior of the users; therefore, the cooperation among the nodes can be achieved and the network performance can be improved when the game theory is utilized. On the other hand, the game theory is also adopted to control the media access control protocol or routing protocol; therefore, the energy exhaust owing to the data collision and long route can be reduced and the energy efficiency can be improved greatly. In this chapter, the applications in the network performance and the energy efficiency are reviewed. The state of the art in the applications of the game theory in wireless networks is pointed out.

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Required software: MATLAB

Game theory GT is a mathematical method that describes the phenomenon of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers. In particular, the theory has been proven very useful in the design of wireless sensor networks WSNs. This article surveys the recent developments and findings of GT, its applications in WSNs, and provides the community a general view of this vibrant research area. The roles of GT are described that include routing protocol design, topology control, power control and energy saving, packet forwarding, data collection, spectrum allocation, bandwidth allocation, quality of service control, coverage optimization, WSN security, and other sensor management tasks. Then, three variations of game theory are described, namely, the cooperative, non-cooperative, and repeated schemes.

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