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Alan Watts Myth And Ritual In Christianity Pdf

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Alan Watts was a renowned theorist and translator of Eastern philosophy, popularizing many concepts of Zen Buddhism in Western culture.

Alan Watts

Skip to main content. Noah and the Big Flood. Are we, all from the seed of Noah and his family? Are there evidences of the "ark being found, or just no 'ark' really existed? Our belief are beyond blind faith in accord to the Bible telling us the records of Noah and his family in the big Flood. Well, faith is not needed so much as understanding of the meaning of the metaphorical stories in the bible such as that of Noah and his ark.

Access options available:. Marie-Louise von Franz was a trusted associate of Carl Jung and she remains one of his staunchest disciples. The Jung Institute Lectures are directed primarily at students of Jungian clinical psychology. The fact that a fairy tale or a myth or any other kind of narrative can, by way of Jungian analysis, reveal something of the problems of human psychology is of immense importance to the psychiatrist. But unless Jungian analysis or Freudian analysis or any analysis of literature is applied to literature by someone whose primary concern is the appreciation or evaluation of the literary work itself, the result is all too often the [End Page ] simplistic kind of literary interpretation which is to be found in the Puer Aeternus book in question here. Whereas The Problem of the Puer Aeternus is sometimes irritating to the reader whose discipline is not psychology, Patterns of Creativity Mirrored in Creation Myths is an engaging work, perhaps because in it Dr.

Myth and Ritual In Christianity

Alan Watts was a renowned theorist and translator of Eastern philosophy, popularizing many concepts of Zen Buddhism in Western culture. Find books coming soon in Sign in. Celebrate Black Authors, Leaders, and Creators! Category: Religion. Jun 01, ISBN Add to Cart.

But I somehow have the feeling that since you have contributed to the support of the Zen Center, in expectation of learning something, a few words should be said, even though I warn you, that by explaining these things to you, I shall subject you to a very serious hoax. Because if I allow you to leave here this evening, under the impression that you understand something about Zen, you will have missed the point entirely. Because Zen is a way of life, a state of being, that is not possible to embrace in any concept whatsoever, so that any concepts, any ideas, any words that I shall put across to you this evening will have as their object, showing you the limitations of words and of thinking. Now then, if one must try to say something about what Zen is, and I want to do this by way of introduction, I must make it emphatic that Zen, in its essence, is not a doctrine. There's nothing you're supposed to believe in. It's not a philosophy in our sense, that is to say a set of ideas, an intellectual net in which one tries to catch the fish of reality.

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Myth And Ritual In Christianity

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