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Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models Data Analysis And Visualization Pdf

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These concepts include quantitative spatial data analysis, data visualization and mapping. This book is unique in that it combines new computer techniques and classical exploration methods. Focusing on the main concepts of practical data analysis and visualization strategies, this book by Neven Kresic and Alex Mikszewski fills the gap in hydrogeological literature by identifying and explaining essential techniques.

Kresic N, Mikszewski A | Hydrogeological conceptual site models: data analysis and visualization

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This book, Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models: Data Analysis and Visualization, provides the explanation and information related to key concepts in​.

Kresic N, Mikszewski A | Hydrogeological conceptual site models: data analysis and visualization

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A reference for students, researchers, and environmental professionals, Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models: Data Analysis and Visualization explains how to develop effective conceptual site models, perform advanced spatial data analysis, and generate informative graphics for applications in hydrogeology and groundwater remediation. Written by expert practitioners, this full-color book illustrates how fundamental hydrogeological concepts are translated into quantitative, high-resolution computer visualizations. In addition, the authors discuss topics not typically covered in conventional textbooks, including GIS technology and the relationship between conceptual site models and environmental policy. Advanced Methods for Data Analysis and Visualization. Written by expert practitioners, this full-color book.

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PDF | On Dec 1, , Theo S. Sarris published Book Review: Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models – Data Analysis and Visualization.

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A reference for students, researchers, and environmental professionals, Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models: Data Analysis and Visualization explains how.

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