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Power And Control Wheel Domestic Violence Pdf

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Hou, Secretary.

Power and Control Wheel

Hou, Secretary. If you have any questions regarding the documents found in the Appendix Resource , please contact Teresa Tudor via email or at The wheels appearing in the manual are courtesy of the various organizations and individuals credited. Group facilitators are free to photocopy as many of the handouts as they wish for educational use. However, please make sure the copyright notices appear on each of the handouts.

Please do not alter the handouts in any way. Physical and sexual assaults, or threats to commit them, are the most apparent forms of domestic violence and are usually the actions that allow others to become aware of the problem. However, regular use of other abusive behaviors by the batterer, when reinforced by one or more acts of physical violence, make up a larger system of abuse. Although physical assaults may occur only once or occasionally, they instill threat of future violent attacks and allow the abuser to take control of the woman's life and circumstances.

Very often, one or more violent incidents are accompanied by an array of these other types of abuse. They are less easily identified, yet firmly establish a pattern of intimidation and control in the relationship. A copy of the diagram can be found on the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence's web site at www.

Copyright - Marie T. This wheel begins to demonstrate the ideal community response to the issue of domestic violence. Community opinion, which strongly states that battering is unacceptable, leads all of our social institutions to expect full accountability from the batterer by applying appropriate consequences. Box , Ann Arbor, MI , tel: Skip to Main Content. Customers Providers About News Contact.

Wheels Use of Power and Control Wheels The wheels appearing in the manual are courtesy of the various organizations and individuals credited. Power and Control Wheel Physical and sexual assaults, or threats to commit them, are the most apparent forms of domestic violence and are usually the actions that allow others to become aware of the problem. Threatening to leave her, commit suicide, or report her to welfare. Making her drop charges.

Making her do illegal things. Smashing things. Destroying her property. Abusing pets. Displaying weapons. Making her feel bad about herself. Calling her names. Making her think she's crazy. Playing mind games. Humiliating her. Making her feel guilty. Limiting her outside involvement. Using jealousy to justify actions. Saying the abuse didn't happen. Shifting responsibility for abusive behavior. Saying she caused it.

Using the children to relay messages. Using visitation to harass her. Threatening to take the children away. Making her ask for money.

Giving her an allowance. Taking her money. Not letting her know about or have access to family income.

Instilling fear. Using intimidation, harassment, destruction of pets and property. Preventing her from getting or keeping a job. Taking her money, welfare checks, pay checks. Forcing her to sell drugs.

Keeping her away from people supportive of her recovery. Marital or acquaintance rape. Physically attacking the sexual parts of her body. Treating her like a sex object.

Forcing her to prostitute for drugs or drug money. Saying she caused the abuse with her drug use. Limiting the who, what, where and when of daily life. Restraining movement, locking partner in or out.

Heterosexism Perpetuating and utilizing invisibility of LGB relationships to define relationship norms. Using heterosexual roles to normalize abuse and shame partner for same sex and bisexual desires. Using cultural invisibility to isolate partner and reinforce control.

Limiting connection to community. Using awareness of fear and hatred of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals to convince partner of danger in reaching out to others. Controlling expression of sexual identity and connections to community. Outing sexual identity. Controlling expression of gender identity and connections to community. Outing gender identity. Questioning validity of one's gender. Using verbal abuse, insults and ridicule.

Undermining self esteem. Trying to humiliate or degrade in private or public. Manipulating with lies and false promises. Denying partner's reality. Threats Making physical, emotional, economic or sexual threats. Threatening to harm family or friends. Threatening to make a report to city, state or federal authorities that would jeopardize custody, economic situation, immigration or legal status. Threatening suicide.

Physical Abuse Slapping, hitting, shoving, biting, choking, pushing, punching, beating, kicking, stabbing, shooting or killing. Using weapons.

Entitlement Treating partner as inferior; race, education, wealth, politics, class privilege or lack of, physical ability, and anti-Semitism. Demanding that needs always come first. Interfering with partner's job, personal needs and family obligations. Intimidation Creating fear by using looks, actions, gestures and destroying personal items, mementos or photos.

Breaking windows or furniture. Throwing or smashing objects. Trashing clothes, hurting or killing pets. Blaming partner for having HIV. Withholding medical or social services. Telling partner she or he is "dirty". Using illness to justify abuse. Sexual Abuse Forcing sex. Forcing specific sex acts or sex with others.

Physical assaults to "sexual" body areas. Refusing to practice safer sex. Economic Abuse Controlling economic resources and how they are used. Stealing money, credit cards or checks. Running up debt. Fostering total economic dependency.

Using Children Threats or actions to take children away or have - them removed.

Power & control

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When people are first coming out, they are very vulnerable to abuse — they may be losing friends and family or may be alienated from their cultural, ethnic, religious familial community and institutions. The isolation that most LGBT people face as a result of homophobia is useful to a batterer who is trying to isolate their partner. In many states, LGBT people are not allowed to be the legal parent of their children. For a non-biological parent, the threat of having no contact with their children makes leaving an abuse relationship a complex to impossible choice. Using friends or family and the small number or open and affirming community spaces to monitor a survivor and gather information, or to ostracize or threaten to ostracize the survivor. Please note: safety planning cannot reply on the survivor never being in a community space with the batterer.

Power and Control Wheel for LGBT Relationships

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The equity wheel analyzes positive partner behavior that allows a healthy life, free of violence. The wheel highlights respect, gender equity, cultural diversity, self-esteem, and a healthy and respectful reproductive decision making. The power and control wheel is a way of visually representing the tactics typically used in abusive relationships: economic abuse, threats, intimidation, emotional abuse, use of power, isolation, or black mail using children. Toggle navigation.

As part of our series on successful projects from the previous years of the EEA and Norway Grants, we would like to present you a project supported by the Norway Grants under the Let's Give Wo men a Chance Programme this time. Coincidentally, we visited the White Circle of Safety on 4 September , exactly on the day of its 28th anniversary. She was also behind the main idea of the project, it means to set up the Victim Assistance Helpline crime and domestic violence.

Video of Ellen Pence, co-creator of the Power and Control Wheel model, describing how it was created.


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