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Effective date : A microelectronic mechanical systems MEMS switch includes a vane formed over a substrate for electrically coupling an input line to an output line formed on the substrate. The vane includes flexible hinges, which support the vane from the input line and allow the vane to rotate about a pivot axis.

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Practical Text Book of Lithography A Modern Treatise on the Art of Printing from Stone

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In photolithographic processes, the light inducing the photochemical reactions is confined to a small volume, which enables direct writing of micro- and nanoscale features onto solid surfaces without the need of a predefined photomask. The direct writing process can be used to generate topographic patterns through photopolymerization or photo-cross-linking or can be employed to use light to generate chemical patterns on the surface with high spatial control, which would make such processes attractive for bioapplications. The prospects of maskless photolithography technologies with a focus on two-photon lithography and scanning-probe-based photochemical processes based on scanning near-field optical microscopy or beam pen lithography are discussed. Fabrication of micro- and nano-structured materials using mask-less processes. Micro- and nano-scale devices are used in electronics, micro-electro- mechanical, bio-analytical and medical components.

This printmaking handbook is a companion volume to paul croft's previous book, stone lithography. The author guides the reader through all aspects of plate lithography with step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear, colour photographs. The author also includes amazing work by well-known practitioners from around the world. The rapid development of nanotechnologies and sciences has led to the great demand for novel lithography methods allowing large area, low cost and high resolution nano fabrications. Soft lithography is an alternative to silicon-based micromachining that uses replica molding of nontraditional elastomeric materials to fabricate stamps and microfluidic channels. We describe here an extension to the soft lithography paradigm, multilayer soft lithography, with which devices consisting of multiple layers may be fabricated from soft materials.

Nanoimprint Lithography

Metrics details. We propose a novel one-step exposure method for fabricating three-dimensional 3D suspended structures, utilizing the diffraction of mask patterns with small line width. An optical model of the exposure process is built, and the 3D light intensity distribution in the photoresist is calculated based on Fresnel-Kirchhoff diffraction formulation. Several 3D suspended photoresist structures have been achieved, such as beams, meshes, word patterns, and multilayer structures. After the pyrolysis of SU-8 structures, suspended and free-standing 3D carbon structures are further obtained, which show great potential in the application of transparent electrode, semitransparent solar cells, and energy storage devices. Suspended carbon structures are the typical 3D C-MEMS structures free of any intermolecularity [ 2 ], presenting significant advantages in sensors [ 6 , 7 ], microelectrodes [ 8 , 9 ], and energy storage applications [ 9 ]. Various C-MEMS microstructures have been achieved through pyrolysis of polymer, in which SU-8 is the most widely used precursor for pyrolytic carbon structures [ 10 , 11 ].

An very interested upcoming field for nanoimprinting is nanopatterned flowcells for gene sequencing. This is achieved by pressing a mold into a solid media and applying heat. However, the overlay accuracy is lagging behind the resolution because of the high cost of mechanical precision. UV photoresist used for nanoimprint lithography under confinement in nanometer-sized gaps", If a pattern is only going to be used once, it may be more economical to write directly onto the substrate than to generate a mask which is used to create the pattern on the sample. The main advantage of nanoimprint lithography is that the fabricated nanostructure can have features much smaller than the wavelength of light with high precision at a low cost [81,82].

Request PDF | Stiction Problems in Releasing of 3D Microstructures and Its Micro-stereolithography (μSL) is capable of fabrication of highly stress and interfacial adhesion: Application to MEMS-RF-Switch - art. no.

One-Step Mask-Based Diffraction Lithography for the Fabrication of 3D Suspended Structures

Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology pp Cite as. Nanoimprint lithography is an emerging nanopatterning method, combining nanometer-scale resolution and high throughput. In a top-down approach, a rigid stamp with a surface relief is pressed into a thin film of soft material on a hard substrate. The film is hardened before the stamp is retrieved, and the surface relief is copied into the thin film.

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