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Difference Between Strainer And Filter Pdf

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One of the most common questions that people outside of the filtration industry may ask a filtration specialist is what the difference between filters and strainers are. Indeed just browsing the Gulf Coast Filters website a visitor might wonder why we have one section dedicated to filters and another dedicated to strainers.

Operating pressure : Sediment collecting strainers , Sediment collecting strainers streamlined flow type, Sediment collecting strainers on carbon steel PN 40 1. Moreover, its mechanical filter

Strainers vs. Filters: How They Differ

Back to Learn about steam. Strainers arrest pipeline debris such as scale, rust, jointing compound and weld metal in pipelines, protecting equipment and processes. This tutorial considers the range of strainer and filter types in use and how to size and select them for different applications. As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, more emphasis has been placed on reducing plant downtime and maintenance. In steam and condensate systems, damage to plant is frequently caused by pipeline debris such as scale, rust, jointing compound, weld metal and other solids, which may find their way into the pipeline system. Strainers are devices which arrest these solids in flowing liquids or gases, and protect equipment from their harmful effects, thus reducing downtime and maintenance.

When to Use an Oil Filter vs. a Strainer

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Industrial strainers and filters are designed to remove unwanted particulates from a liquid or gas. The key difference between strainers and filters are the size of the particles they remove. Strainers typically remove larger particles that are visible in a liquid or gas, while filters remove contaminants that are often so small, they cannot be seen with the naked eye. For instance, both are designed to remove suspended particles from a gas or liquid.

A filter is a device that removes particles from a given liquid or gas – it includes a disposable medium for removing fine particles of specified micron sizes.

Strainer filters

Piping Strainers or filters arrest debris such as scale, rust, jointing compound, and weld metal in pipelines, protecting equipment and processes. A strainer is a device that provides a means of mechanically removing solids from a flowing fluid or gas in a pipeline by utilizing a perforated or mesh straining element. Pipe Strainers are very important components in piping systems to protect costly equipment from potential damage caused by foreign particles carried by the process fluid. Piping Strainers are also known as Strainer Filters.

Strainers vs. Filters: How They Differ

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When to Use an Oil Filter vs. a Strainer

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Strainers vs. Filters: How They Differ


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The primary difference between filters and strainers is in the size of the particulates they are removing. • Filters remove particulates that are smaller than

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Strainers. Filters and Strainers Constructed of Stainless Steel for: Service. Quality​. Dependability. Proper Filtering. A filter or strainer of this type is primarily.