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The label collapsed in and was bought by London Records. Factory Records used a creative team most notably record producer Martin Hannett and graphic designer Peter Saville which gave the label and the artists recording for it a particular sound and image. The label employed a unique cataloguing system that gave a number not just to its musical releases, but also to various other related miscellany, including artwork, films, living beings, and even Wilson's own casket. The Factory name was first used for a club in May ; the first Factory night was on the 26 May

Cutting Shapes – How House Music Really Hit The UK

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Academics are increasingly devoting attention to understanding, categorising and appraising the concept of nostalgia. This paper addresses this deficit by examining the memory work conducted on Manchester post-punk band Joy Division. Since the mids there has been a surge of material related to the band, including movies, documentaries, autobiographies and other books, as well as ambitious marketing campaigns associated with re-released songs. This paper assesses the extent to which this material can be considered nostalgic and the orders of nostalgia it conveys. Exploring the relationship between nostalgia and authoritative witnesses provides greater insight into how popular culture re creates its own past. Formed in , Joy Division were influenced by the prevailing British punk scene, but quickly developed a slower, darker, atmospheric sound. The rest of the band continued as New Order and achieved global prominence with a more dance-based sound.

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Factory Records

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Fandom, Image and Authenticity

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Factory Records was a Manchester-based British independent record label founded in by Anthony Wilson, Factory Records' founder, died on 10 August at age 57, from The book charts the rise and fall of Factory and offers detailed accounts and information about many Download as PDF · Printable version.

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