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Printers And Types Of Printers Pdf

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In computing , a printer is a peripheral machine which makes a persistent representation of graphics or text, usually on paper. The first computer printer designed was a mechanically driven apparatus by Charles Babbage for his difference engine in the 19th century; however, his mechanical printer design was not built until The first electronic printer was the EP , invented by Japanese company Epson and released in

The Main Types of Printers

Printers are Output devices used to prepare permanent Output devices on paper. Printers can be divided into two main categories :. Impact Printers : In this hammers or pins strike against a ribbon and paper to print the text. This mechanism is known as electro-mechanical mechanism. They are of two types.

Character Printer : It prints only one character at a time. It has relatively slower speed. Of them are Dot matrix printers. Dot Matrix Printer : It prints characters as combination of dots. Dot matrix printers are the most popular among serial printers. These have a matrix of pins on the print head of the printer which form the character. The computer memory sends one character at a time to be printed by the printer. The words get printed on the paper when the pin strikes the carbon.

There are generally 24 pins. Laser Printer is a type of printer that utilizes a laser beam to produce an image on a drum. The light of the laser alters the electrical charge on the drum wherever it hits.

The drum is then rolled through a reservoir of toner, which is picked up by the charged portions of the drum. Finally, the toner is transferred to the paper through a combination of heat and pressure. This is also the way copy machines work. Because an entire page is transmitted to a drum before the toner is applied, laser printers are sometimes called page printers.

There are two other types of page printers that fall under the category of laser printers even though they do not use lasers at all. Once the drum is charged, however, they both operate like a real laser printer. One of the chief characteristics of laser printers is their resolution — how many dots per inch dpi they lay down. The available resolutions range from dpi at the low end to 1, dpi at the high end. In addition to text, laser printers are very adept at printing graphics, so you need significant amounts of memory in the printer to print high-resolution graphics.

To print a full-page graphic at dpi, for example, you need at least 1 MB megabyte of printer RAM. Because laser printers are non-impact printers, they are much quieter than dot matrix or daisy-wheel printers. They are also relatively fast, although not as fast as some dot-matrix or daisy-wheel printers. The speed of laser printers ranges from about 4 to 20 pages of text per minute ppm. A typical rate of 6ppm is equivalent to about 40 characters per second cps.

Non-Impact Printers : There printers use non-Impact technology such as ink-jet or laser technology. These printers are of two types :. Ink-Jet Printer : It prints characters by spraying patterns of ink on the paper from a nozzle or jet. It prints from nozzles having very fine holes, from which a specially made ink is pumped out to create various letters and shapes. The ink comes out of the nozzle in a form of vapors. Line Printer — What is Line Printer?

What is Dot-Matrix Printer? What is laser printer? About Dinesh Thakur.

Printer – Computer Study Material

Printers are commonly used output devices that produce a hard copy of document stored in electronic form, i. There are various kinds of printers available today like Impact printers, Bubble-jet printers, Laser printers, Thermal printers etc. Impact printers are among the old printing technologies, which make use of inked ribbon to make an imprint on the paper. Impact printers are considered noisy when compared to other printers. The most commonly known impact printers are;. A Daisy-Wheel Printer works on the same principle as ball-head typewriter. The daisy wheel printer consists of a disk made of plastic or metal on which characters stand out along the outer edge.

A printer is the primary output device used to get the printed copy or hard copy of work on paper, slides, clothes etc. It is used to prepare lasting documents. Printers are of two types according to the manner of printing. They include dot-matrix printers and daisy-wheel printers. A dot matrix printer is a type of printer with a print head that runs to and fro, or up and down, on the page and prints by striking an ink-soaked ribbon against the paper. Dot-matrix printers are relatively expensive and do not produce high-quality output.

following are different types of printers in impact printing. 1. Daisy wheel. 2. Dot matrix. Page 2. 3. Pen based plotter. 4.

Types of printers

When you hear the word printer, you may think of laser and ink-jet printers. But there are many more categories. If you are looking to buy a new printer, this list will help you learn the different types and make an educated decision about which type is right for you. Read the article below to learn more.

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Types of Printers

What is a Printer and what are the different types of Printers?

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Take a look at the guide below to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of printers on the market, from laser printers to inkjet and everything in between.

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