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For example, the amount of time beginning now until an earthquake occurs has an exponential distribution.

More formally, in the case when the random variable is defined over a discrete probability space , the "conditions" are a partition of this probability space.

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Cross Validated is a question and answer site for people interested in statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization. It only takes a minute to sign up. So in general: The expected value of a RV is not always the same as the mean of the corresponding pdf. Is my interpretation correct? This is a fundamental result of probability theory and so is well worth learning and understanding. Although it has frequently been quoted on these pages, I don't believe it has been rigorously stated here, nor has any sketch of its proof been shown.

Discrete and Continuous Random Variables:. A variable is a quantity whose value changes. A discrete variable is a variable whose value is obtained by counting. A continuous variable is a variable whose value is obtained by measuring. A random variable is a variable whose value is a numerical outcome of a random phenomenon. A discrete random variable X has a countable number of possible values. Example : Let X represent the sum of two dice.

Understanding Customer Experience

We use cookies essential for this site to function well. Please click "Accept" to help us improve its usefulness with additional cookies. Learn about our use of cookies, and collaboration with select social media and trusted analytics partners here Learn more about cookies, Opens in new tab. Executives are quick to see the end-game benefits of a customer-centric strategy: more satisfied customers, increased loyalty, a lower cost to serve, and more engaged employees. But they often fail to understand clearly what a superior customer experience is worth and exactly how it will generate value. At a recent roundtable, fewer than half of the customer-experience leaders present could say what ten points of net promoter score would be worth to their businesses.

They not only want high quality products but they also expect high quality customer service. Even manufactured products such as cars, mobile phones and computers cannot gain a strategic competitive advantage through the physical products alone. Delivering superior value to the customer is an ongoing concern of Product Managers. This not only includes the actual physical product but customer service as well. Products that do not offer good quality customer service that meets the expectations of consumers are difficult to sustain in a competitive market. The aim of this model is to:.

Linking the customer experience to value

Another way of saying "discrete uniform distribution" would be "a known, finite number of outcomes equally likely to happen". A simple example of the discrete uniform distribution is throwing a fair die. If two dice are thrown and their values added, the resulting distribution is no longer uniform because not all sums have equal probability. Although it is convenient to describe discrete uniform distributions over integers, such as this, one can also consider discrete uniform distributions over any finite set.

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These ideas are unified in the concept of a random variable which is a numerical summary of random outcomes. Random variables can be discrete or continuous.

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Mathematics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people studying math at any level and professionals in related fields. It only takes a minute to sign up. I now select two points at random along the segment. What is the expected value of the distance between the two points, and why? The distance between the two points is a new random variable. I posted a cryptic comment just before running off to class. Intuitively, the "average" configuration of two random points on a interval looks like this:.

Companies that systematically monitor customer experience can take important steps to improve it—and their bottom line. Customer experience is the subjective response customers have to direct or indirect contact with a company. It encompasses every aspect of an offering: customer care, advertising, packaging, features, ease of use, reliability. Few CEOs would argue against the significance of customer experience or against measuring and analyzing it. The authors describe a customer experience management CEM process that involves three kinds of monitoring: past patterns evaluating completed transactions , present patterns tracking current relationships , and potential patterns conducting inquiries in the hope of unveiling future opportunities. Data are collected at or about touch points through such methods as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and online forums.

Associated to each possible value x of a discrete random variable X is the probability P x that X will take the value x in one trial of the experiment. The probability distribution A list of each possible value and its probability. The probabilities in the probability distribution of a random variable X must satisfy the following two conditions:. A fair coin is tossed twice. Let X be the number of heads that are observed. The possible values that X can take are 0, 1, and 2.

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