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Postal Service, This chapter discusses competitiveness, strategy, and productiv-ity, three separate but related topics that are vitally important to business organizations. Competitiveness relates to the effec-tiveness of an organization in the marketplace relative to other organizations that offer similar products or services. Operations and marketing have a major impact on competitiveness. Strategy relates to the plans that determine how an organization pursues its goals.

Stevenson 11e Ch02

All rights reserved. Process Selection and Facility Layout Service blueprint: A method used in service design to describe and analyze a proposed service. Process Selection and Facility Layout Design Product Layouts: Line Balancing Line Balancing is the process of assigning tasks to workstations in such a way that the workstations have approximately equal time requirements. Process Selection and Facility Layout Cycle Time Cycle time is the maximum time allowed at each workstation to complete its set of tasks on a unit. Use a cycle time of 1.

Operations Management

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Process selection. Refers to deciding on the way production of goods or services will be organized. It has major implications for. Capacity planning.

Theory of constraints: a theory for operations management

Facility layout and design is an important component of a business's overall operations, both in terms of maximizing the effectiveness of the production process and meeting the needs of employees. The basic objective of layout is to ensure a smooth flow of work, material, and information through a system. The basic meaning of facility is the space in which a business's activities take place. The layout and design of that space impact greatly how the work is done—the flow of work, materials, and information through the system. The key to good facility layout and design is the integration of the needs of people personnel and customers , materials raw, finishes, and in process , and machinery in such a way that they create a single, well-functioning system.

The purpose of this paper is to suggest that the theory of constraints TOC can serve as a general theory in operations management. A second important purpose is to show that TOC, as a theory, has properties essential for a good theory. Using a commonly accepted categorization of operations decisions process, quality, inventory and capacity , traditional views, and approaches to operations decisions to those inherent in the TOC are compared. The paper concludes that the TOC provides approaches to operations decisions that avoid pitfalls of local optimization by reaching across functional boundaries in organizations.

Process Selection and Layout

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Process Selection and Facility Layout

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