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Try to keep the space between the stake and the two. Our President Mary and many helpers were there early on the day setting up our zdct. Bob and Ted Products. One is a DVD on how to play backyard croquet. Additionally there is a short stand alone second video on the DVD featuring a voice described animation of making several wickets in a turn this known as 'playing a break'. This has a Windows Media Video file of the feature video described above not the animation. This video is only playable on computer.

There are several variations of croquet currently played, differing in the scoring systems, order of shots, and layout particularly in social games where play must be adapted to smaller-than-standard playing courts. Two forms of the game, association croquet and golf croquet, have rules that are agreed internationally and are played in many countries around the world. The United States has its own set of rules for domestic games. Gateball , a sport originated in Japan under the influence of croquet, is played mainly in East and Southeast Asia and the Americas , and can also be regarded as a croquet variant. As well as club-level games, there are regular world championships and international matches between croquet-playing countries.

Croquet can be played in many different forms. Serious croquet is played at international level including world individual and team championships. Mostly though, it is played as a casual, social game by millions of peoples around the world in their own gardens. They allow for some variations and also for added complexity so that you can move from social garden croquet to more serious croquet. Do you need to buy a Croquet set for your garden? These rules relate to croquet played with six hoops and four balls and are based on Association Croquet rules. Other variations are possible, as described later.

croquet rules and setup pdf

A collection of helpful information from some of the best horticultural minds around. All focused on how to make your yard beautiful. Look, dig in and enjoy. A twinkle of gleeful malice glints in the eye of a 9-year-old as he secures his foot atop his croquet ball which, by good fortune and skill, is resting in direct contact with the yellow and white striped ball belonging to his sister. Held secure, he swings his mallet and hits his ball. And best of all, he earned a bonus swing for his efforts! Despite its sedate appearance, croquet can be a spirited and challenging game enjoyed by all ages, but maybe especially competitive siblings.

The penalty points are the half way points on each of the longer boundaries. Your opponent may prefer you to take your turn from where your ball lies. The side which completes the course first with both balls wins. Each side has two balls, blue and black versus red and yellow. In singles play each player has two balls. In doubles the partners on each side must each play only their own ball.

The rules that follow are the official base rules for nine-wicket croquet. Backyard-croquet rules are listed under Six Ball. The nine-wicket croquet court does not require a perfectly flat lawn, but short grass provides the best playing surface. The best height is 1. Ideally, less than one inch of the ball would rest below the grass level. The official full-size court is feet by 50 feet.

The game of croquet (pronounced “crow-KAY”) is a tradition of backyard recreation in. America following rules are suggested for use in play, as it is the purpose of the USCA to standardize one set of [PDF, kB] 9-wicket court layout.

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The following is a simplified set of the rules of Golf Croquet. Also available is a brief synopsis , ideal for beginners. The basic rules are abbreviated from the detailed rules, and cover the more commonly encountered aspects of the game, while at the same time being easy to understand. The full rules are definitive and are also available on this website or as a booklet from the CA Shop.

The tradition of making up your own games persists in wicket sports, even though good rules for a variety of great games have been formulated and widely published. In addition to the rules offered below, a variety of standard rules can be found in the Games Department of the online magazine CroquetWorld. These rules are very similar to the rules for world championship Golf Croquet, with only slight variations: 1 instead of croquet balls, the balls are soccer balls, with oversized wickets to match, made of break-away PVC piping for safety.

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The Basic Rules of Golf Croquet


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Set up wickets/stakes as shown in the diagram at left and follow the order in which they are scored. Try to keep the space between the stake and the two.

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Croquet Setup and Rules. Prepare the croquet court. A freshly mowed lawn of short grass is preferable. The court, when space permits, should be feet by

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Basic Croquet Rules. Field Layout. Instructions. 1. Divide players into two teams: a "cool" team that plays the blue and black balls, and a. "hot" team that plays the.

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For the first game, the throwing order is drawn.

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How to Play Croquet - Croquet Rules - Golf Croquet - Association Croquet Rules CLICK HERE for downloads of rules in PDF format (not recommended for phone The court layout and direction of play is the same as in Association croquet.