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The major factor that differentiates multiplexer and demultiplexer is their ability to accept multiple input and single input respectively. The multiplexer also known as a MUX operates on several inputs but provide a single output.

HEF4051B multiplexer/demultiplexer. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

A Multiplexer is a device that allows one of several analog or digital input signals which are to be selected and transmits the input that is selected into a single medium.

Multiplexer is also known as Data Selector. A multiplexer of 2n inputs has n select lines that will be used to select input line to send to the output. Multiplexer is abbreviated as Mux. MUX sends digital or analog signals at higher speed on a single line in one shared device. It recovers the separate signals at the receiving end. The Multiplexer boosts or amplifies the information that later transferred over network within a particular bandwidth and time.

This article gives an overview of what is multiplexer and types of multiplexer. The Multiplexer acts as a multiple-input and single-output switch.

Multiple signals share one device or transmission conductor such as a copper wire or fiber optic cable. In telecommunications, the analog or digital signals transmitted on several communication channels by a multiplex method. These signals are single-output higher-speed signals. A 4-to-1 multiplexer contains four input signals and 2-to-1 multiplexer has two input signals and one output signal. Multiplexers are also extended with same name conventions as DE multiplexers.

A 4 to 1 multiplexer circuit is as below. The technique of transmitting multiple signals over a single medium is defined as Multiplexing. It is a technique showed at physical layer of OSI model. Frequency Division Multiplexing is a technique which uses various frequencies to combine many streams of data for sending signals over a medium for communication purpose.

It carries frequency to each data stream and later combines various modulated frequencies to transmission. In this type of multiplexing, signals are generated by sending different device-modulated carrier frequencies, and these modulated signals are then combined into a single signal that can be transported by the link. To accommodate the modulated signal, the carrier frequencies are separated with enough bandwidth, and these bandwidth ranges are the channels through which different signals travel.

These channels can be separated by unused bandwidth. Some of the examples for the time division multiplexing include radio and television signal transmission. Wavelength Division Multiplexing WDM is analog multiplexing technique and it modulates many data streams on light spectrum. This multiplexing is used in optical fiber. It is FDM optical equivalent. Various signals in WDM are optical signal that will be light and were transmitted through optical fiber.

WDM similar to FDM as it mixes many signals of different frequencies into single signal and transfer on one link. Wavelength of wave is reciprocal to its frequency, if wavelength increase then frequency decreases. Several light waves from many sources are united to get light signal which will be transmitted across channel to receiver.

The main principle in using prisms is that they bend a light beam depending on angle of incidence and frequency of light wave or ray. At receiver end the light signal is split into different light waves by demux.

This type of merging and breaking of light wave made by a prism. Single prism is used at the end of sender for multiplexing and other prism is used at receiver end for demultiplexing as shown in fig. It utilizes various optical fiber lines that are multiplexed and demultiplexed. TDM is one of types of multiplexers which join data streams by allotting every stream different time slot in a set.

It frequently transfers or sends various time slots in an order over one transmission channel. In Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, an optical technology used to expand bandwidth onto fiber optic. Bit rate and protocol are independent and these are the main advantage of DWDM.

On fiber is changed to multiple fibers. By increasing the carrier capacity of fiber from 2. It allows to share a single line of data for multiplexer RS devices. Error correction will be performed in order to ensure the transmission an error-free one. This type of multiplexer permits the sum of terminal and PC rates in which it extends composite link speed between multiplexers.

This is due the reason that the keyboards are idle. These types of multiplexers requires buffer. A TDM means Time division multiplexer choose samples of many signals having separate analog signals in telecommunications and attach them into wide-band analog signal of one pulse amplitude modulation PAM.

In telecommunications, for digital signals on a computer network or with digital video, several variable bit-rate data streams of input signals using packet mode communication may be combined into one constant bandwidth signal. A limited number of constant bit-rate data streams of input signals may be multiplexed into one higher bit-rate data stream with an alternate method using a TDM.

A multiplexer needs a DMUX demultiplexer to finish the process which means to separate multiplex signals carried by the single shared medium or device.

Sometimes, a multiplexer and a demultiplexer are combined into a single device permits the device to process both incoming and outgoing signals. A Multiplexer is used in numerous applications like, where multiple data can be transmitted using a single line. A Multiplexer is used to transmit the data signals from the computer system of a satellite to the ground system by using a GSM communication.

These are the different types of multiplexing techniques used in communication system for efficient transferring and receiving of the data. Hope you have got a better idea of all these types of multiplexing, and therefore, you can share your views on this article in the comment section below.

And, also mention any of the practical examples of these multiplexing types — if you are interested. Schematic Symbol for Multiplexer. Truth Table for 2 to 1 Multiplexer. Types of Multiplexer. Frequency Division Multiplexing. Wavelength Division Multiplexing. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer. Difference between MUX and Demux. List of ICs which Provide Multiplexing.

Multiplexers Demultiplexers

Table of Contents. A digital device capable of selecting one input out of its multiple input lines and forwarding it on a common output line is called a multiplexer. In simple Words, It is the reverse of Demultiplexer Demux. Multiplexer has many inputs and single output. Control signals are used for selecting a data line to be sent as output.

One of these data inputs will be connected to the output based on the values of selection lines. So, each combination will select only one data input. Multiplexer is also called as Mux. The block diagram of 4x1 Multiplexer is shown in the following figure. One of these 4 inputs will be connected to the output based on the combination of inputs present at these two selection lines. Truth table of 4x1 Multiplexer is shown below. The circuit diagram of 4x1 multiplexer is shown in the following figure.

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A multiplexers (MUX) is a device that allows digital information from several inputs to be routed onto a single line for transmission as shown in Fig. 1. Figure 1​.


In electronics , a multiplexer or mux ; spelled sometimes as multiplexor , also known as a data selector , is a device that selects between several analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input to a single output line. A multiplexer makes it possible for several input signals to share one device or resource, for example, one analog-to-digital converter or one communications transmission medium , instead of having one device per input signal. Multiplexers can also be used to implement Boolean functions of multiple variables. Conversely, a demultiplexer or demux is a device taking a single input and selecting signals of the output of the compatible mux , which is connected to the single input, and a shared selection line. A multiplexer is often used with a complementary demultiplexer on the receiving end.

MUX – Digital Multiplexer | Types, Construction & Applications

In telecommunications and computer networks , multiplexing sometimes contracted to muxing is a method by which multiple analog or digital signals are combined into one signal over a shared medium. The aim is to share a scarce resource. For example, in telecommunications, several telephone calls may be carried using one wire. Multiplexing originated in telegraphy in the s, and is now widely applied in communications.

In large scale digital systems, a single line is required to carry on two or more digital signals — and of course! But, what is required is a device that will allow us to select; and, the signal we wish to place on a common line, such a circuit is referred to as a multiplexer. The function of a demultiplexer is to inverse the function of the multiplexer. The shortcut forms of the multiplexer and demultiplexers are mux and demux. Some multiplexers perform both multiplexing and demultiplexing operations. The main function of the multiplexer is that it combines input signals, allows data compression, and shares a single transmission channel.

A Multiplexer is a device that allows one of several analog or digital input signals which are to be selected and transmits the input that is selected into a single medium. Multiplexer is also known as Data Selector. A multiplexer of 2n inputs has n select lines that will be used to select input line to send to the output. Multiplexer is abbreviated as Mux. MUX sends digital or analog signals at higher speed on a single line in one shared device. It recovers the separate signals at the receiving end.

Lecture # Multiplexers, Exclusive OR Gates, and Parity Circuits. 2 of 31 A multiplexer (MUX for short) is a digital switch: used as a demultiplexer. 24 of 31​.

Content: Multiplexer vs Demultiplexer

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