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Current Transformers And Potential Transformers Pdf

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From these primary variables, we may determine impedance, reactance, resistance, as well as the reciprocals of those quantities admittance, susceptance, and conductance.

A variety of types of electrical transformer are made for different purposes. Despite their design differences, the various types employ the same basic principle as discovered in by Michael Faraday , and share several key functional parts.

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Electrical Sensors: Potential Transformers (PTs) and Current Transformers (CTs)

Electrical instrument transformers transform high currents and voltages to standardized low and easily measurable values that are isolated from the high voltage. When used for metering purposes, instrument transformers provide voltage or current signals that are very accurate representations of the transmission line values in both magnitude and phase. These signals allow accurate determination of revenue billing. When used for protection purposes, the instrument transformer outputs must accurately represent the transmission line values during both steady-state and transient conditions. These critical signals provide the basis for circuit-breaker operation under fault conditions, and as such are fundamental to network reliability and securit.

Electrical Academia. Current transformers CT are broadly employed in order to measure high magnitude currents. Such transformers basically step down lower the current which is to be measured, so that it can be measured with an average range ammeter. A CT generally possesses one or few primary turns. The primary side winding could be simply a conductor positioned in an empty hollow core. Whereas the secondary side possesses a large number of turns which are precisely wound for a particular turns ratio.

Difference Between Current Transformer (CT) & Potential Transformer (PT)

Current Transformers CT and Potential Transformers PT are used to measure the current and voltage in a circuit of the order of hundreds of amperes and volts respectively. A CT has large number of turns on its secondary winding, but very few turns on its primary winding. The primary winding is connected in series with the load so that it carries full load current. A low voltage range ammeter A is connected across the secondary winding terminals. Secondary of the CT is practically short circuited since the ammeter resistance is very low. It should be remembered that secondary of the CT should not be made open as it draws heavy current and damages the primary winding of the CT.

The electrical instruments are not directly connected to the meters or control apparatus of high voltage for safety purpose. The instrument transformers like voltage transformer and current transformer are used for connecting the electrical instruments to the measuring instruments. These transformers reduce the voltage and current from high value to the low value which can be measured by conventional instruments. The construction of the current and potential transformer is similar as both have the magnetic circuit in their primary and secondary winding. But they are different in the method of working. There are several types of differences between the voltage and the current transformer. One of the major difference between them is that the current transformer converts the high value of current into low value whereas the potential or voltage transformer converts the high value of voltages into low voltage.

Current Transformers Introduction Trench is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of high voltage equipment for application on electric utility and high energy industrial systems. As part of Trench's product scope, the company produces a diversified range of Instrument Transformers which are installed on kV electrical systems. Instrument Transformers include: Voltage Potential Transformers both inductive and capacitive type , Current Transformers and Combined Instrument Transformers voltage and current transformer in one unit. Current Transformers must convert Each porcelain housed, hermetically sealed Current Transformer is equipped with stainless steel expansion bellows, calibrated to the internal oil volume and extremes in ambient and operating temperatures. Oil-insulated Current Transformers 8 Pages Add to favorites. Catalog excerpts.

Instrument Transformers

A current transformer CT is a type of transformer that is used to reduce or multiply an alternating current AC. It produces a current in its secondary which is proportional to the current in its primary. Current transformers, along with voltage or potential transformers, are instrument transformers. Instrument transformers scale the large values of voltage or current to small, standardized values that are easy to handle for measuring instruments and protective relays. The instrument transformers isolate measurement or protection circuits from the high voltage of the primary system.

Instrument Transformers - CT and PT

Current transformer

The secondary of the transformer is made up of a large number of turns of fine wire having small cross-sectional area. This is usually rated for 5 A. This is connected to the coil of normal range ammeter. Through this ammeter, we can note down the value of current flowing through the secondary winding of the current transformer. Symbolic representation of a current transformer is as shown in the figure.

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Current Transformer, Potential Transformer Working | Instrument Transformers


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Difference between Current Transformer and Potential Transformer

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