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Design, when based on thoughtful inventory and analysis, can improve the environment, by creating new features based on the users' needs and keeping those features which are deemed useful and desirable.

Site Analysis Site analysis. Image result for architecture sun study. Kevin Lynch "Mental Map".

Site Inventory and Analysis for Water Wise Landscapes (experienced)

Design, when based on thoughtful inventory and analysis, can improve the environment, by creating new features based on the users' needs and keeping those features which are deemed useful and desirable. Identify and locate all site elements on the property by size, material, and condition.

Find out the history of the site, how it once was used, and if such use is still relevant today. Who will use the area and what aesthetics and activities are to be incorporated into the ultimate landscape design? Walk the land with a scale-drawn property survey and roughly locate important built elements such as walks, driveways, utilities, and fences, as well as natural features like existing trees and shrubs, rock outcroppings, and on and off-site views.

As it is best to treat natural systems with regard, discern how natural areas can be maintained and where they are most vulnerable. Or, even though you live in a hot-humid region, building may be situated in a comfortable microclimate because of abundant shade and dry breezes. After you have carefully inventoried the natural and built features, you can begin to analyze what you wish to keep, what you will remove, what needs to be modified, and what will be added. Further emphasizing a beautiful, existing view is a great way to begin interpreting a site's design potential.

Similarly, noting an area that holds rainwater would limit its potential for development, unless you want to plant a wetland garden. The process of site inventory and analysis identifies and evaluates existing site conditions to determine what can be worked with and what must be overcome in order to accomplish the design proposal. The key is careful review of existing space and material so that a beautiful, functional, and manageable landscape can evolve.

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Site Analysis

Hydrology - Water movement on the site. Sensory Stimuli - Anything that stimulates the senses. Evapotranspiration - Vegetation pulling water up from the ground and evaporating it through its leaves, thus cooling the surrounding air. Prerequisite - Required beforehand. The building location on the site is basically established by one of two different view points.

This is our updated Oct , revised site analysis guide for architecture. You can download this as a handy pdf by clicking the link below. Click here to download! Prior to starting any design, your client will want to know whether construction on the site is viable. Carrying out an extensive site analysis [or context analysis] will assess wether development is financially feasible, and establish parameters to implement the best design that responds to the physical and environmental features of the site. A contextual analysis is a research activity that looks at the existing conditions of a project site, along with any imminent or potential future conditions. The purpose is to inform us about a site prior to the start of our design process so that our initial design thinking about a site can incorporate considered responses to the external conditions.

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Architecture Site Analysis Guide

Understanding all the features of a site, using and protecting the best, and minimising the impact of the worst. Back to top. About Level Contact Sitemap.

The site inventory and analysis are steps in the design process used to assess existing conditions and determine how or if they will or should change. Avoid the temptation to start designing until these steps are completed. For the more experienced gardener, a thorough site inventory and analysis will provide a solid base for creating a more functional and beautiful landscape. A site inventory is simply a list of elements that currently exist on the property.

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Inventory and Analysis of the Landscape

A context-sensitive approach to sustainable planning and development helps to protect public health, safety, and welfare. By avoiding inherent site problems, or constraints, and by capitalizing on inherent site assets, or opportunities, site planners can limit long-term maintenance costs and, more important, reduce the risks to life and property from natural hazards. Qualified site planners and designers are vital to this process.

BOOK Site analysis by James A. LaGro

Advances in Landscape Architecture. Landscape planning is undergoing change due to new requirements. Its previous main task of controlling spatial uses and the development of nature and the landscape has extended.

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Site Inventory & Analysis Graphics

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Site Inventory and Analysis for Landscape Design

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