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Corporate Valuation: Theory, Evidence and Practice, 2e

Holthausen Autumn, Additional Hours by appointment. The TAs and their office hours for this course will be announced in the next week. EMAIL: holthausen wharton.

I will not answer emails that require long explanations. In those cases, I will ask you to call me or see me in my office. I generally answer emails at least once per day. Course Objectives. The objective of this course is to learn firm, debt and equity valuation methods from both a conceptual and practical framework. The approach combines both accounting and finance into a practical framework for valuing firms, debt and equity. While there is some new finance theory introduced in this course, the emphasis is on the practical application and integration of finance and accounting concepts to valuing companies.

We do not specifically discuss the valuation of financial institutions. Students with weak accounting and finance backgrounds will be at a disadvantage in this course. Students who hoped to never see a financial statement again should not take this course. The course utilizes extensive and detailed readings, exercises, multiple valuation cases some use sanitized data and others use real data , a midterm exam and a final exam.

Prior students indicate that the workload for this course is demanding, as such, it is only recommended for those students who are interested in learning valuation techniques in depth. Students interested in broader topical coverage and a less detailed examination of valuation techniques should consider Advanced Corporate Finance the corporate finance case course. This course is designed for students with little or no practical work experience in valuing companies.

I do not believe that the "value added" from this course for students who have extensive job related valuation experience is as high as for those with no relevant prior experience, but former students with prior work experience disagree with me on this issue.

My goal in this course is to give you a through grounding in the theory and practice of valuation. From Corporate Valuation Syllabus My view is that you need to fully understand the potential consequences of potential shortcuts you might make in valuing a company.

In some cases, those shortcuts are justified because they will have little to no impact on the valuation and would not be worth the time required. In other cases, taking those shortcuts could lead to more serious errors. I will also discuss areas where there is uncertainty about how best to do certain tasks in a valuation. In these situations, I will indicate what is typically done or what is typically ignored and discuss relevant research in the area, so you at least have an appreciation of the issue and the alternative views on the matter.

Minimal Prerequisites. Introductory Statistics or Econometrics. However, many students have succeeded in this course without accounting training beyond introductory financial accounting. Stronger accounting skills will, of course, make some of the material easier to understand. Course Texts. Required Text. The text will be made available in two volumes.

Volume I Chapters 1 to 11 is available in reprographics now. Volume II will be available in early November. The book is under contract and the publisher does not want it released through Study. The book is substantially revised relative to last year so students should not use last years version of the book make sure you get the version that is published by Cambridge Publishing, not McGraw-Hill.

Students should read the relevant material before class. Unless otherwise specified, students will be held responsible for all material in the text, whether covered in class or not. Note that the Appendix to the book and the Supplement to Chapter 3 will be available on the course website. Other Material.

Students may be billed for class handouts. I anticipate approximately pages of additional handouts, though there may be more depending on the material developed during the semester and whether material is handed out in class or is distributed electronically. Extra handouts will be on file in the filing cabinet outside my office door Steinberg-Dietrich Hall if you miss class. Once those extra copies are gone, students will be responsible for borrowing the relevant material from another student in order to make a copy.

Your bursar bill will reflect the actual cost of the handouts at the end of the semester using Wharton reprographics standard policies.

Course Website. Material for problems and cases will be made available for student access via the course website. The available material for the problems and cases is the underlying data and the problem and case writeups where applicable. In addition, there will be copies of the PowerPoint slides I will use during lectures available on the course website as well. These will not be distributed in hard copy, so students wishing to have them prior to class, can print them out.

The final version of these will be available by at least AM on the day of class. There will generally be three copies of the PowerPoint slides 2, 4 and 6 slides per page. In some cases I may create slides that are just one per page because of small print in tables and graphs. Mark Zmijewski and I would appreciate it if you would report typos, errors and comments.

Thus, there will be a place on the course website where you can report typos, errors and passages that confused you. This area will be organized by chapter number and will be visible to everyone so you can see whether a typo has already been noted and whether I responded to some issue needing clarification.

I will comment on any item that requires clarification. Your feedback will help us rewrite our material as we get closer to publication. When you post a question or comment, please indicate the page number of the book.

Other Interesting but not Required Texts and Material. Lawrence Revsine, Daniel Collins, W. Bruce Johnson and H. This is a useful book to aid in understanding how accounting records various transactions, understanding the cash flow statement and how to analyze accounting statements. The course does not rely explicitly on this text so you should only purchase it if the book is a useful addition to your library. It is a good reference book which you might want to own if your intended career will require you to read and comprehend financial statements e.

If you already own another book with the same topical coverage, it is not worth buying this one. Other accounting texts that you may already own may help you with the accounting aspects of the course as well. This is a valuation book written largely from a practitioner's perspective. I anticipate giving an overall GPA of approximately 3. If an undergraduate student drops after that date, a W will appear on his or her transcript.

Class and Participation and Attendance Some classes require you to be prepared for class discussion discussion of assigned cases or problems , while other classes will be more lecture format.

During lectures, I encourage you to ask questions and I will ask you questions about the material. Voluntary class participation is expected, however, I will cold call on individuals in class from time to time. Participation will affect students grades who wind up near a grade boundary; potentially moving them up or down. The education experience for everyone suffers if participation or attendance for the class becomes a problem. If attendance or participation lags, I reserve the right to change the grading criteria in the middle of the semester to weigh class participation and attendance in the grading scheme retroactively.

Name Cards In order to get to know your names, I would like students to display name cards in class at all times. Please write your name in large, dark letters on the name card.

Failure to display a name card will ensure that I call on you. The midterm examination will be administered on Monday, October 15, from pm pm rooms to be announced. The midterm exam will be "open book". No other material is allowed. Class will not meet at its regularly scheduled time on Monday, October 15 because of the midterm exam that evening.

The final examination will be administered Friday, December 14, , from pm - pm. This exam will also be "open book". The final examination is cumulative and covers all material covered in the course. Copies of exams and suggested solutions from the last two years will be made available on the class website. Please note the scheduling of the two exams.

You are responsible for ensuring that you are available and on campus to take the exams. I will not FAX exams to remote locations. I will not permit anyone to take the exams at another time unless you are gravely ill, face a significant emergency or have an exam or class conflict. If your travel plans conflict with the date of an exam, you should change your travel plans now, or drop the course. You must ensure that you are available for both examinations on October 15 and December Please advise potential employers that you cannot schedule interviews that conflict with your exam schedule.

You are responsible for letting me know by September 24 of any exam or class conflict you have with either exam in the course. Late assignments will not be accepted. Students must turn in their assignments prior to the start of class. You should bring an extra copy of the Joel Germunder case with you since we will be discussing it in class on the day it is due.

Corporate Valuation Theory, Evidence and Practice

Sumitro Djojohadikusumo, Depok, , Indonesia. This study examined the influence of family ownership structure and investment decisions on CEO compensation. This study also examined how the family ownership structure and investment decisions jointly affected CEO compensation. This study used observations consisting of manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange from to The method used was fixed effects method FEM. The results of the study showed that firms owned by a family gave higher compensation than non-family firms to their CEO. The family ownership structure proved the positive relationship between investment decisions and CEO compensation.

Holthausen The book consists of six parts. Part I Chapters 1 through 4 presents an overview of valuation issues and topics, how valuation is used in practice, and discusses the basic tools needed to value a company. These tools include analyzing financial statements, measuring performance, understanding and measuring cash flows, and creating a financial model. Part II Chapters 5 through 7 discusses the discounted cash flow DCF valuation model, including the residual income valuation model. This part of the book rigorously demonstrates the equivalence of the alternative forms of the DCF valuation model and when each of the forms is more appropriate to use.

Corporate valuation theory evidence and practice holthausen pdf - Robert W. Throughout, the book emphasizes how a sound capital structure. This book is for me the best one dealing with corporate valuation. It covers the full range of theory and gives additionally a lot of practice examples which help to understand the difficult topic. If you want to understand corporate valuation you only need to read this book.

corporate valuation !

Business Valuation Review 1 July ; 35 2 : 52— In this article, we develop an enhanced corporate valuation model based on the implied cost of equity capital ICC. We argue that the enhanced method extends the standard market multiples and discounted cash flow DCF methods to corporate valuation.

Corporate Valuation: Theory, Evidence and Practice

The book consists of six parts.

Corporate Valuation: Theory, Evidence, and Practice Vol. 2 (UPENN)

The paper seeks to develop a comprehensive framework to cross-border discounted cash flow valuation. Although the literature on company valuation and on international financial management is vast, such a framework has not yet been proposed. We build upon well-known fundamentals and relevant contributions, e. Relevant risks are exchange rate risk, business risk, financial risk, the risk of the tax effects induced by debt financing, and the risk of default. Additional tax effects beyond the well-known tax shield on interest expenses must be considered. Risk discounts from cash flows and risk premia to be added to risk-free interest rates are derived according to the global capital asset pricing model.

Holthausen Autumn, Additional Hours by appointment. The TAs and their office hours for this course will be announced in the next week. EMAIL: holthausen wharton. I will not answer emails that require long explanations.

To better serve you, please log in to your instructor account. If you are a new instructor to Cambridge Business Publishers, please use the button below to register. Click here to preview. We wrote this book to equip our students as well as practitioners—many of whom are our former students—with the current knowledge used to value companies, parts of companies, and the securities issued by companies. Our goal is to provide current conceptual and theoretical valuation frameworks and translate those frameworks into practical approaches for valuing companies.


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Holthausen Autumn, Additional Hours by appointment. The TAs and their office hours for this course will be announced in the next week. EMAIL: holthausen wharton.

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