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From a public health perspective, alcohol is a major contributor to mobidity and mortality. It has the capability to impact on many aspects of social life. This book describes recent advances in alcohol research which have direct relevance for theMoreFrom a public health perspective, alcohol is a major contributor to mobidity and mortality.

This article summarizes the contents of Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity 2nd edn. The first part of the book describes why alcohol is not an ordinary commodity, and reviews epidemiological data that establish alcohol as a major contributor to the global burden of disease, disability and death in high-, middle- and low-income countries. This section also documents how international beer and spirits production has been consolidated recently by a small number of global corporations that are expanding their operations in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity: Research and Public Policy Thomas Babor

From Science to Action? This chapter summarizes recent advances in alcohol policy research within the tradition of three integrative literature reviews sponsored by the World Health Organization since The first review Alcohol Control Policies in Public Health Perspective introduced the idea of population approaches to the prevention of alcohol-related problems, and suggested that alcohol control policies should focus on the reduction of average alcohol consumption in a society. The second book Alcohol Policy and the Public Good expanded that perspective to include a wider variety of individual and population level interventions. The third study Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity indicates that there is now a wide range of evidence-based policy options that should be considered at the local, national and international levels.

Alcohol: no ordinary commodity--a summary of the second edition.

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In recent decades the operating assumption in international agreements has been to treat alcoholic beverages as ordinary commodities like bread and milk or coffee and tea. In a world of increasing international trade and globalization of the alcohol industry, this has meant that national and local alcohol control policies have increasingly come under pressure because of decisions at the international level. This chapter describes how these pressures have arisen and how they affect national and local alcohol policies and the prospects for alcohol control at the international level. It is argued that the current situation in international trade and market regimes can be changed by purposive action in the interests of public health and social welfare. Much of the material on which this chapter is based comes from the European Union EU , but the lessons learned from the European countries are relevant to other parts of the world as well. To deal with the burden of illness resulting from alcohol, and to counter the view that alcohol is an ordinary commodity, public health organizations have begun to formulate strategies and interventions that can be used by governments to protect the health of their populations.

Three important mechanisms explain alcohol s ability to cause medical, psychological, and social harm: 1 physical toxicity 2 intoxication 3 dependence. There has been a gradual decline in alcohol control in most jurisdictions in recent decades, with changes such as privatization of alcohol retail sales. Alcohol taxes have not been raised to match inflation. The collapse of the communist system in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe has meant that the control of alcohol availability has lost much of its effect in these countries. In many countries, general alcohol policies affecting the whole population have been weakened or dismantled, often under pressure from international trade organizations and the alcohol industry.

This article summarizes the contents of Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity (2nd edn). relevant analysis of the alcohol research literature, the 1The Alcohol and Public Policy Group consists of Thomas Babor, Raul Caetano, Sally Casswell, Griffith Edwards, Norman publications/​

Alcohol: no ordinary commodity--a summary of the second edition

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Research and Public Policy. Babor, R. Caetano, S.

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Citation:Babor T, Caetano R, Casswell S, Edwards G, Giesbrecht N, Graham K, et al 2010

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