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The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

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Plus d'informations. This paper aims to provide a better understanding of the law circumscribing the social role of Health Technology Assessment HTA and gain insight into the reasons challenging the inclusion of ethics into HTA. Data collection was based on a literature review and a case study analysis. The former was founded on previous work. Three HTA agencies were selected for the latter using categories ranging from a greater to a lesser level of legal obligatory intensity. The main trend revealed by the literature review and the case study, is the presence of a pact between science and regulatory law.

In establishing international norms, such as those in international environmental law, one might turn to ethics for three reasons. First, as an individual or government engaged in the process of moral reasoning, one might be seeking guidance in identifying the morally ideal choice among the available policy alternatives: which option ought to be brought about? Second, one might employ ethics to persuade others to endorse the same choice. The third use of ethics would be to justify imposing a law or policy on others who remain unpersuaded by reason. Environmental ethics comes into play when we wish to evaluate environment-affecting actions on account of their impact on the environment rather than on account of their indirect impact on present or future humans.

Environmental governance

To cope with stressors like climate change, economic instability, and socio-political or ideological shifts, environmental governance needs to formally embrace a broader set of environmental actors, organizations, and institutions, and become more flexible, responsive, and innovative Folke et al. Vital natural resources are collapsing throughout the world because of unsustainable environmental practices MEA , FAO driven by outdated conceptions of nature Clark et al. These shortcomings threaten human welfare Dietz et al. Adaptive governance, as a concept Chaffin et al. Adaptive governance often emerges among multiple centers of agency and authority in society as a relatively self-organized or autonomous process Chaffin and Gunderson Such adaptation is often triggered by crisis Gunderson et al.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book explores the impact of disintegrity on various aspects of governance, as the disregard of ecological conditions produce grave direct effects to human rights to water or food and, indirectly, also to human security in several ways. International legal regimes need to be reconsidered and perhaps re-interpreted, in order to correct these situations that affect the commons today. Some believe that our starting point should acknowledge the impact we already have on the natural world, and accept that we now live in the "anthropocene".

We now possess the knowledge that our actions do have a real impact on the environment. Ignorance is no excuse for inaction. With knowledge comes the moral responsibility to act carefully in regards to the environment, on a global, domestic, and local scale. The concept of environmental governance incorporates this ethic. The Earth Charter Initiative [1] expresses this sense of environmental responsibility by stating that the improvement of democratic practices, transparency and accountability of government institutions, along with civil participation in decision making, are strongly related factors to the objectives of the protection of the environment and social and economic justice. This paper will deal with the broad concept and practice of environmental governance, with a focus on the controversial but prudent issue of intervenor funding; and the growing awareness and recognition of the special contribution to be made by indigenous communities in maintaining ecosystems and teaching us about the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Regulation, Enforcement and Governance in Environmental Law

This paper discusses good environmental governance in the framework of environmental protection and management. The evironmental view of governance itself provides a conceptual framework in which public and private behavior is regulated in supporting more ecologically oriented arrangements. The framework forms a reciprocal relationship between the community global, regional, national and local in dealing with the access and use of environmental goods and services and binds them at any level with certain specific environmental ethics.

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Environmental Law, Ethics and Governance

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Environmental governance is a concept in political ecology and environmental policy that advocates sustainability sustainable development as the supreme consideration for managing all human activities— political , social and economic.

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