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Vegetables form an integral part of diet due to their role in providing various types of vital nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, roughage etc.


Minimally processed refrigerated MPR fruits and vegetables have always been an important food group in the diet. However, consumers have recently become more aware of the importance of these products in maintaining health. Consequently, consumers are purchasing and eating more fresh produce and demanding a greater variety of these products in the marketplace. Despite improved methods of maintaining quality and shelf-life of MPR produce, a limiting factor to optimum quality is the same as before. That component is the role of microorganisms in the spoilage and safety of MPR produce. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Microbes are found all over the globe with some few exceptions, including sterilized surfaces. They include normal flora that is nonpathogenic, which contribute to the larger percentage, and pathogenic species which are few. Hence, the activities of humans cannot be completely separated from microbes. Thus, many pathogenic microbes have found their way into fresh fruits and vegetables which are a great source of a healthy diet for humans. The growing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables has necessitated larger production. The larger production of vegetables within the shortest possible time to meet the growing demand has placed them at a higher risk of contamination with the pathogenic microbes, making the safety of consumers uncertain.


All food should be safe and free from contamination and spoilage at all points in its journey from its source until it reaches the consumers. However, food contamination is a serious public health problem in Ethiopia, resulting in foodborne diseases that affect many people every year. Hence, awareness of potential sources of food contamination is an important component of good nutrition and good health. In this study session we are going to concentrate on food contamination by microorganisms, chemicals and physical factors. Food may be contaminated by different microorganisms or by chemicals that can cause health problems for anyone who eats it. In Study Session 9 you will learn in detail about foodborne diseases. But first you will be introduced to the basic principles of food microbiology in this study session, and about the ways in which food becomes contaminated by different microorganisms, chemicals and physical objects.

The focus of this chapter is to provide a general background on microbiological spoilage of fruit and vegetable products that are organized in three categories: fresh whole fruits and vegetables, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, and fermented or acidified vegetable products. This chapter will address characteristics of spoilage microorganisms associated with each of these fruit and vegetable categories including spoilage mechanisms, spoilage defects, prevention and control of spoilage, and methods for detecting spoilage microorganisms. Fresh fruit and vegetable consumption increased by If US consumption patterns continue in this direction, total per capita consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables would surpass consumption of processed fruits and vegetables within the next decade. This shift toward overall increased produce consumption can be attributed, at least in part, to increased awareness in healthy eating habits as revealed by a broad field of research addressing food consumption and health and promoted by the M. Sperber, M.

Most natural foods have a limited life. Perishable foods such as fish, meat, milk, bread, tomatoes and potatoes have a short life span. Other foods keep for a considerably longer time but decompose eventually. Once food has been harvested, gathered or slaughtered it begins to deteriorate until eventually it becomes unfit for consumption. This deterio-ration is known as decay and leads to food spoilage. Study the picture below carefully,list and describe the signs of deterioration on each food item. These gradual changes that cause deterioration and decay in foods are due to certain organisms and chemicals present in the food and outside the food.

fruit/vegetable, other organisms start to contribute to the soft rot. Majority of the microorganisms in vegetables are saprophytes, such as lactic acid bacteria, coryniforms, coliforms, micrococci, spore-formers, and pseudomonas, which may be from the air, soil, and water.

Microbiological Spoilage of Fruits and Vegetables

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Box , Doha, Qatar. This study aims at screening the post-purchasing shelf-life of four highly consumed fruits and vegetables and at identifying the fungal strains behind their spoilage in Qatar. Fruits and vegetables were collected from the market to study their post-purchasing shelf-life and to identify the fungal types involved in samples rotting. A total of 73 fungal isolates were isolated and identified, with the highest percentage of Penicillium Interestingly, many mycotoxins producing and diseases inducing fungi were identified in this study; this includes Rhizopus , Aspergillus , Penicillium , Alternaria , Fusarium , Cladosporium , Botrytis , Geotrichum , and Colletotrichum.

Fruits are natural sources of minerals, vitamins besides carbohydrates and other essential substances. Naturally fresh fruits and juices made out of them contain high amount of water thereby making them highly prone to attack by microorganisms. While most of the fruits are naturally provided with coatings and coverings in the form of skins, but these are fragile enough to be easily disturbed by various biological and mechanical factors.

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pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables were lost annually due to spoilage, which was % of all US losses Such cross-contamination to some degree is inevitable and, Bacteriological analytical manual (8th ed., Revision A). Gaithersburg.