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Water Prevention And Control Of Pollution Cess Act 1977 Pdf

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As per The Taxation Laws Amendment Act, published in the official gazette dated 5th May , Section 18 of the Act provides for repeal of laws and the extent of repeal in the Third Schedule of the Act.

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Handbook of Environmental Materials Management pp Cite as. The problem of environmental pollution has attained international dimension due to rapid industrialization and urbanization, increased population growth, and overexploitation of natural resources leading to disruption of ecological balances. The problem is more pronounced and significant for developing countries like India. In this context, a regulatory framework is necessary for protection of existing enriched environmental system and integration of environmental realities while making decisions on economic issues and activities related to urban growth. Development of a comprehensive environmental policy in India poses several challenges including regulatory framework covering all aspects of environmental protection, modification of existing legislation for better achievement of its objectives, and establishment of governing boards for implementation of the framed and modified legislation. Other concerns involve political, social, and economic compromises made for development of infrastructure utilizing eco-friendly technology, implementing our international obligations through national legislation and creating awareness on other environmental issues. The Indian Government introduced two articles 48A and 51A in the Constitution of India in to tackle the issues of environmental pollution.

Short title and commencement. In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires a "Act" means the Water Prevention and Control of Pollution Cess Act, 36 of ; b "assessing authority" means-- 1 [ i in relation to a Union Territory the Member Secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board or any person or body of person as the Central government may specify, and] ii in relation to a State, the member-secretary of the State Board: c "consumer" means a person of local authority by whom the cess under sub-section 1 of section 3 is payable under sub-section 2 of that section; d "form" means a form annexed to these rules; e "section" means a section of the Act; f "State Government", in relation to a Union Territory, means the Administrator thereof appointed under article of the Constitution. Standards of the meters and places where they are to be affixed. Furnishing of returns. Manner of payment of the cess to the Central Government and the time within which it shall be paid.

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The Central Government in the last three General Budgets viz , and has gradually abolished various cesses on goods and services in order to prepare the ground for smooth roll- out of Goods and Service Tax GST from 1st July, The Central Government has taken this step in stages by abolishing various cesses so that it is easier to fit in various goods and services in different tax slabs for GST. Through Taxation Laws Amendment Act , the following cesses are abolished. However, the date of the implementation will coincide with the date of the GST roll-out:. However, the following cesses will continue to be levied under the GST regime since they pertain to customs or goods which are not covered under the GST regime:.

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Definition: Friend of the Court who is not a party to the court but has interest in the outcome. Definition: Asking a higher court to review the decision or sentence of a trial court because the lower court made an error. Definition: The official court form filed with the court clerk which tells the court that you are representing yourself in a lawsuit or criminal case or that an attorney is representing you.

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The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977

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