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Interview Guides Finance and Accounts Payroll. Payroll frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Payroll. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts. Mention the various payroll procedures conducted regularly for updating the payroll database? Name the payroll software you can access?

Payroll Specialist interview questions

You can hardly find something motivating about the job, except that it pays well, and that it is not a stressful job. Most people who apply for this job try to get any accounting or administrative position, and Payroll Clerk is just one of their options. In an interview, however, you should try to convince the hiring managers that you really want the job—and not only need one. You can say that you like the working duties, or that you believe to have the skills and abilities to become a good clerk. Alternatively you can point out something about the company —saying that you want to work for them, because of their great reputation, excellent working environment, stellar system of benefits, etc. In this case you can add that the position does not matter that much for you—that you will do any administrative work for them. Refer to your qualification, and the essential skills for a good clerk.

Speak now. Where would we be without payroll? Can you think of the most common payroll frequencies in the USA? Currently, bi-weekly is the most popular. Many companies have turned to outsourcing their payroll department in favor of cutting costs.

All businesses can operate, provided they can meet the rules to operate safely. For more information, check out the business. At payroll time, there are some payments you must deduct from your employees' wages or salary, like PAYE. There may also be voluntary payments your employees ask you to make on their behalf. Payroll is something lots of small business owners find it's better to contract out or employ someone to do, especially once there are a few employees on board. If you don't want the ongoing expense, consider getting some help to set up your systems or if things get tricky, eg you need to make an employee redundant.

5 of the Most Asked Canadian Payroll Questions Answered

On a good day, you can call some legislative agencies several times and get a different answer from each representative with whom you speak. To say this is frustrating is an understatement. So, I decided to take some time to think about the most asked payroll questions I have encountered in my many years as a Payroll Specialist. In Canada, employees can benefit from paid time off work. This can be in the form of vacation pay or vacation time. Vacation pay and vacation leave entitlement generally apply to full time, part time, casual and seasonal workers. If an employee does not give you their SIN, you as the employer need to show you made a reasonable effort to get it.

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The main focus is to learn how this applicant will work through the transition to a new job. Their response should show the interviewer that they are eager to get started at the company. This question could be used to open the door to discussions about their job-related abilities and responsibilities. What to look for in an answer:. I'd organize my tasks to ensure that my work is submitted correctly and on time.

A comprehensive database of more than 24 payroll quizzes online, test your knowledge with payroll quiz questions. Our online payroll trivia quizzes can be.

Payroll MCQ Question with Answer

Social Security tax and Medicare tax are types of payroll taxes. The Medicare tax is used to provide medical benefits for certain individuals when they reach age Workers, retired workers, and the spouses of both are eligible to receive Medicare benefits upon reaching age Federal income taxes are used to provide for national programs such as a national defense; b veterans and foreign affairs; c social programs; d physical, human, and community development; e law enforcement; and f interest on the national debt. Employers withhold payroll taxes and income taxes from employees' pay.

Candidates who interview for a payroll administration role must thoroughly understand the various responsibilities of the position: Recording and posting time and payroll data for employees; ensuring payroll information is accurate and employees are paid on time; reviewing time sheets, calculating wages, reconciling any discrepancies and processing information into the payroll system. Interview questions should focus on the candidate's skills in those areas, as well as personal work habits and ability to handle deadline pressure. Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and Access are very important in processing payroll and organizing attendance, hours worked and pay adjustments. Qualified applicants should have considerable knowledge of Microsoft applications. Payroll systems accurately maintain data related to payroll processing.

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Operational and Situational questions

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Employing Students & Payroll – Practice Quiz & Answer Key. Page | 1. PART 1: Multiple Choice. Circle the correct response(s) for each question. 1. How should​.

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If you want to be an entry-level payroll professional, it can be smart to attain certification that shows you have the skills to do a good job.

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Note: If you find any typo or data entry error in these SAP SuccessFactors for Employee Central Payroll sample questions, we request you to update us by write an email on feedback erpprep.

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