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Epileptic Syndromes In Infancy Childhood And Adolescence Pdf

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The outcome measure was death. Standardized mortality ratios were used to quantify the excess mortality in the cohort relative to the population.

Epileptic Syndromes in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence

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This 6th edition reviews some of the most noteworthy developments in the field, particularly in epileptic syndromes, but also focuses on the genetic aspects of the syndromes and their development. Progress brought about by advances in neuroimaging is also discussed in addition to specific etiologies such as parasitic diseases and immune and autoimmune diseases. This book written by the current leading specialists is recognized worldwide as the international reference in epilepsy. The syndromic approach of epilepsies : Classifications, epidemiology, prognosis - Genetic bases of epileptic syndromes - Animal models of epileptic syndromes - EEG traits of epileptic syndromes - Neuroimaging and epileptic syndromes - Drug development in epileptic syndromes. Syndromes in childhood and adolescence : Lennox-Gastaut syndrome - Idiopathic focal epilepsies in childhood - Encephalopathy with status epilepticus during slow sleep ESES including Landau-Kleffner syndrome - Absence epilepsies: CAE, JAE, early absences, myoclonic absences and other syndromes - Isolated focal seizures in adolescence - Juvenile myoclonic epilepsies. Special etiologies and situations : Epilepsy in inborn errors of metabolism - Genetically determined focal epilepsies - Autoimmune epilepsies and encephalopathies - Brain parasitic infestations - Complex and other reflex epilepsies - Epilepsy and chromosomal disorders and CNV - Progressive myoclonus epilepsies - Epilepsy and cortical malformations. Psychiatry of the child and adolescent.

Metrics details. In this paper, seizure types, and epilepsy syndromes are elucidated as per ILAE classification. A brief outline of the antiepileptic drug regimens used and the outcome of seizure control in a two -year period is presented. The applicability of the ILAE classification in resource limited countries has been revisited. This is a descriptive prospective study, in which patients were enrolled. All patients had an Electroencephalogram EEG at the start of the study, and this was repeated as deemed appropriate.

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Sameer M. Joseph D. Symonds 1. To review the current evidence base for the diagnosis and management of the childhood epilepsies and to draw attention to the current gaps in this evidence base. The focus will be on therapeutic aspects. The review will draw attention to recent advances that have been made in both our understanding and treatment of the childhood epilepsies. Potential future directions for research and treatment options will be discussed.

Several specific epileptic syndromes begin during adolescence, including juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, juvenile absence epilepsy, epilepsy with tonic-clonic seizures on awakening, and some forms of partial epilepsies. These syndromes need careful attention in terms of drug treatment because adolescence is a complex period socially and behaviourally and the adverse effects of drugs during this period could prove problematic. Whether all epilepsies that begin during adolescence require treatment is a difficult issue. Furthermore, the avoidance of precipitating factors could be a sufficient therapeutic strategy in some patients. Instructions should be given regarding the potentially seizure-triggering effect of certain behaviours, e. If drug treatment is required, the choice of drug will depend on the identified epileptic syndrome and the efficacy and adverse effect profile of the drug. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Drug Treatment of Epilepsies that Begin in Adolescence

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Drug Treatment of Epilepsies that Begin in Adolescence

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