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The European guidelines identify the educational process in any activity undertaken by people, in the various stages of life, in order to improve their knowledge, skills and competences , from a personal, civic, social and occupational point of view, in a formal, non-formal or informal way. Therefore, forms of education can be distinguished according to the level of organisation and structure, conditions in which learning takes place, functionality and applicability of knowledge, skills and attitudes and level of certification of learning outcomes. Formal learning refers to what takes place in the education and training system of a country.

Education is a gradual process which brings positive changes in human life and behavior.

A few years ago I started exploring the differences between formal, non-formal and informal learning. The result was a couple of research reports and blog posts, including this one which has been viewed over , times. For those who like their information in bite-sized pieces, here is a quick synopsis of some of the key points for you in a handy infographic:. It is important to note that this infographic is intended to give a quick snapshot of some of the most basic differences. A quick snapshot like this gives you a quick picture , but not the whole picture.

Education (formal, non-formal, informal)

Pedagogical approaches that encourage learners to become civically involved emphasize the active components of learning: discovery, reflective observation, trial and error, and growing with challenges or collaboration. These experiences, in turn, need to be connected by means of a consciously designed learning process.

It typically leads to validation and certification [2] ". What most people connect with learning or education is learning in a school or an institution of higher education. They are less organized and structured than either formal or non-formal education. Informal learning may include learning activities that occur in the family, in the work place, in the local community, and in daily life, on a self-directed, family-directed or socially-directed basis" [3].

Project groups are one example for a learning space where autodidactic learning takes place. A project even can be conducted without any institutional background. Often the people involved decide about the agenda and goals. It is even not uncommon for project teams to have learned something different from what was intended. In informal learning, the goal is less consciously planned out. In the moment where a facilitator, coach or mentor involves into such a project or activity, the character of the learning setting changes.

In example, a coach could help a project team to identify their learning goals or to help them identifying alternatives in a challenging situation. The process then becomes consiously shaped and intentionally shaped. All learning environments which integrate other than school activities to assist people to develop their skills and knowledge as citizens, producers, consumers or parents are merged under the term of non-formal education. Navigation menu Toggle navigation Competendo - Digital Toolbox.

Jump to: navigation , search. Learning takes place everywhere: In schools and universities, in the job or in the spare time or the private life. Education insititutions are specializing on certain aspects of learning.

A common understanding is to divide them into three educational sectors - in structures that provide formal-, non-formal or informal education. About Competendo Imprint About. Contact Editors Board.

Nonformal learning

Non-formal learning includes various structured learning situations which do not either have the level of curriculum , syllabus , accreditation and certification associated with ' formal learning ', but have more structure than that associated with ' informal learning ', which typically take place naturally and spontaneously as part of other activities. These form the three styles of learning recognised and supported by the OECD. Examples of non-formal learning include swimming sessions for toddlers, community-based sports programs, and programs developed by organisations such as the Boy Scouts , the Girl Guides , community or non-credit adult education courses, sports or fitness programs, professional conference style seminars , and continuing professional development. The debate over the relative value of formal and informal learning has existed for a number of years. Traditionally formal learning takes place in a school or university and has a greater value placed upon it than informal learning, such as learning within the workplace.

IS IT EASY DO DEFINE NON-FORMAL EDUCATION? The process in which activities are thought out in advance and have an educative component although they.

Types of Education: Formal, Informal & Non-formal

This article examines current research and practice in formal, nonformal, and informal learning for adult music students. In a formal setting, the teacher controls the materials, pacing, and interactions in a structured environment. Nonformal learning practices involve systematic and deliberate but less regulated pursuits that occur outside of educational structures. Informal practices comprise aspects of knowledge and skill acquisition that are largely experiential. Keywords: music education , adult education , music learning , social contexts , adult students.

Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Interdependence in Education

Educational systems exist to promote formal learning , which follows a syllabus and is intentional in the sense that learning is the goal of all the activities learners engage in. Learning outcomes are measured by tests and other forms of assessment.

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Formal, non‐formal and informal education: concepts/applicability

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In educational literature, the study of alternative education systems often mentions “open systems”, “non-formal education”, “distance learning”, “non-​conventional.