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Matt Colville Strongholds And Followers Pdf

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Strongholds and Followers Book (Hardcover + PDF)

This time, I'll be looking at how to use this new material in a Freeport campaign. First of all, Freeport is a very highly detailed city that already contains many competing organizations with established strongholds. Any attempt to create a new stronghold in the Serpent's Teeth, much less within Freeport's own city walls, will be sure to experience resistance from the current powers that be. Players and DMs should not let that discourage them from using the stronghold rules--intrigue and political scheming are hallmarks of the City of Adventure, after all! And some bold adventurer is behind the founding of most of the city's iconic organizations, from the Syndicate to the Wizard's Guild to the office of Sea Lord itself.

Image Copyright by Matt Colville. Strongholds and Followers from the upstart MCDM productions has the honor of being one of the top Kickstarter projects of all time. Did it succeed? Muster your forces and man the castle walls as we go through everything you need to know. About half the content is spent outlining the mechanics of the titular strongholds and followers, with the remaining half dedicated to an adventure path and a surprisingly large bestiary. All told, it contains:. Keeps, castles, and other big installations can be an end goal for a party, or even a driving force as the campaign centers around your ever-growing fortress.

Strongholds & Followers

I really like this part of the book, there are rules on how to build and maintain a stronghold that come with their own demesne. Retainers, masons, soldiers, alchemists… there is something for everyone. Be sure to check the Rules Page for updated rules. What would be helpful for your campaigns? This page does not exist.

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This is the digital (PDF) version of Strongholds & Followers!Strongholds & Followers is a supplement for 5th Edition that gives your character something to spend.

Strongholds and Followers Review

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Strongholds and Followers gives options for players to build fortresses and bases of operations for their party complete with class-specific annexes, a host of artisans, assistants, and military units to help maintain your stronghold and protect it from attack. Kingdoms and Warfare will go into rules about keeping political rule over your stronghold and environs, and how to assault your neighbours on a political and military front. Whatever rules come out the other side of this campaign will be tried, tested, and fun, and the book will also be building on a few other fan favourite elements.

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MCDM Productions

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