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Plant Pathology Bit Questions And Answers Pdf In Telugu

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Ring budding. So all the applicants need to do more … Firebush. Refer the Tamilnadu Horticulture officer solved papers with your regular preparation to make your preparation perfect. Planting three plants in one pot. Nematode attack.

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This paper. Most commonly used vegetative propagation method in Rose. MCQ on Horticulture 1. Uploader Agreement. Which Mango variety is suitable for high density planting?

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Thank-you very much for collating this fantastic resource. This will help you to learn about the most important frequently asked objective type questions and answers on agricultural microbiology for competitive exams such as IAS and UPSC. Horticulture is the industry and science of plant cultivation including the process of preparing soil for the planting of seeds, tubers, or cuttings.

Further, Horticulture is divided into three branches. Horticulture Multiple Choice Objective Questions are asked from its three major branches viz. National Eligibility Test and Common Entrance exams are major agricultural competitive exams.

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Lab technicians have to be highly detailed-oriented and self-disciplined in order to be able to fulfill their day-to-day responsibilities. They must have a strong background and passion for the sciences, especially chemistry and biology, as well as technical skill in the use of computers and electronics.

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These previous years general awareness quiz objective questions answers for competitive exam are very important for prelims and mains exams. View Answer Comment. Current Affairs PDF.

Which of the following is known as the Golden Fiber? The term soil impoverishment relates to which one of the following? What is Inter-cropping? In which one of the following States is jute not significantly cultivated? Genetic industry includes - 1 Agriculture 2 Fishing 3 Hunting 4 Mining. Colour of the tag used on certified seed bags is - 1 blue 2 purple 3 white 4 golden yellow.

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Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. Horticulture has a very long history. Even in India, we talk largely about horticulture. I have had bits and pieces of information about using rock dust in the garden scattered among my garden notes and in my books for: pin. All Horticulture Books.

Plant disease , an impairment of the normal state of a plant that interrupts or modifies its vital functions. All species of plants, wild and cultivated alike, are subject to disease. Although each species is susceptible to characteristic diseases, these are, in each case, relatively few in number. The occurrence and prevalence of plant diseases vary from season to season, depending on the presence of the pathogen, environmental conditions, and the crops and varieties grown. Some plant varieties are particularly subject to outbreaks of diseases while others are more resistant to them. See also list of plant diseases.

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