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The atoms of Ruby are excited with the help of photons emitted with the help of photons emitted by an external optical source. The atoms absorb energy from photos and raises to excited state.

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Increase b. Decrease c. Stability d. None of the above. Snug Tube Splicing b. Loose Tube Splicing c. Elastomeric Splicing d. Precision Pin Splicing. Ferrule b. Cable c. Connector Housing d. Coupling Device. FC Connectors b. LC Connectors c. MT-RJ Connectors d. ST Connectors. Phase b. Frequency c. All of the above. What will be the value of number of longitudinal modes?

Flylead b. Pigtail c. Both a and b d. Low Impedance Pre-amplifier b. High Impedance Preamplifier c. Transimpedance Preamplifier d. By reducing dark current with proper selection of photodiode b. By reducing thermal noise of biasing resistor c. By using high impedance amplifier d. Increase in receiver input capacitance B. Increase in dark current C.

Decrease in receiver input capacitance D. Decrease in dark current. Interference filter based devices b. Angular dispersion based devices c. Mach-Zehnder Interferometers d.

Transducer b. Tachometer c. Multimeter d. An open loop b. A closed loop c. Absorption b. Scattering c. Waveguide effect d. Which type of attenuation measurement technique exhibits these characteristics?

Necessity of accessing both ends of fiber. Measurements corresponding to specific wavelengths. Requirement of spectral response over a range of wavelengths. Cutback Technique b. Insertion Loss Technique c. Less than b. Equal to c. Greater than d.

Difficulty in connector application due to excessive plasticity in cladding b. Difficulty in bonding c. Insolubility in organic solvents d.

Third-order optical non-linearity c. Intensity dependence of refractive index d. Modification in pulse spectrum b. Limited transmission rate c. Dispersion effect d. Optical Combiner b. Optical Splitter c. Optical Coupler d. Longitudinal Modes b. Transverse Modes c. Lateral Modes d. Gain guided laser b. Index guided laser c. Quantum well laser d. Quantum dot laser. Mushroom Waveguide Photodiode b. Traveling Wave Photodiode c. Resonant Cavity Photodiode d. Dark Current Noise b.

Quantum Noise c. Surface Leakage Current noise d. Diffusion time of photo carriers outside the depletion region b. Diffusion time of photo carriers within the depletion region c. RC time constant d. Continuous b. Discrete c. Sampled d. Sensitivity b. Bandwidth c. Increases b. Stabilizes c. Decreases d. By O band b. By C band c. By S band d.

Amplitude b. Velocity c. Shape d. Provision of high voltage protection b. Reduction in noise level c. Translational b. Rotational c. Longitudinal separation between the end-faces of fiber b.

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Increase b. Decrease c. Stability d. None of the above. Snug Tube Splicing b. Loose Tube Splicing c. Elastomeric Splicing d.

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Interview Guides Engineering Laser Engineer. You always want to make sure that you're pretty familiar with the company that you're interviewing with. Nothing looks worse than a candidate who knows nothing about the company they say they're interested in working for. Find out everything you can about the company, its culture and its goals. You will also want to know how the company is positioned in its market as well as who its major competitors are. Often, interviewers will ask questions to find out the level of technical knowledge As Laser Engineer that a candidate has concerning the duties of a care assistant.

LASER QUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Most Common Questions & Answers Regarding. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Question 1. Q: What is the low level laser.

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What is the radius of the beam at the waist considering the waist and the laser are in the same plane? The problem can be solved by using the formula that links the divergence of the beam and the waist size:. A ring laser cavity is composed of 4 identical mirrors with a reflection coefficient equal to 0. Determine the value of the gain needed in the amplifying medium to obtain laser oscillation. In a ring lasercavity, the beam passes through the medium only once each turn.

Srivastava www. Which of the following is a unique property of laser? Answers: I.

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