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Pulse Position Modulation And Demodulation Theory Pdf

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Pulse-position modulation

Modulation is a technique in which message signal is transmitted to the receiver with the help of carrier signal. Here in modulation, we combine both carrier signal and message signal. You may get the doubt that what is the need of modulation. Just imagine that you have a paper which contains the message and you would like to send it to your friend standing 40 feet from your place. In the same way, we need a carrier signal to transmit our message. Sometimes, message signal is also called as modulating signal. The exact definition of modulation is given below:.

After the continuous wave modulation, the next division is Pulse modulation. Pulse modulation is further divided into analog and digital modulation. Pulse Amplitude Modulation PAM is an analog modulating scheme in which the amplitude of the pulse carrier varies proportional to the instantaneous amplitude of the message signal. The pulse amplitude modulated signal, will follow the amplitude of the original signal, as the signal traces out the path of the whole wave. Hence to avoid this noise, flat-top sampling is done as shown in the following figure.

Difference Between PAM, PWM and PPM

Stress wave-based communication has great potential for succeeding in subsea environments where many conventional methods would otherwise face excessive difficulty, and it can benefit logging well by using the drill string as a conduit for stress wave propagation. To achieve stress wave communication, a new stress wave-based pulse position modulation PPM communication system is designed and implemented to transmit data through pipeline structures with the help of piezoceramic transducers. This system consists of both hardware and software components. The hardware is composed of a piezoceramic transducer that can generate powerful stress waves travelling along a pipeline, upon touching, and a PPM signal generator that drives the piezoceramic transducer. Once the transducer is in contact with a pipeline surface, the generator integrated with an amplifier is utilized to excite the piezoceramic transducer with a voltage signal that is modulated to encode the information. The resulting vibrations of the transducer generates stress waves that propagate throughout the pipeline.

Abdul Kalam Technical University , U. To study amplitude demodulation by linear diode detector. To study frequency modulation and determine its modulation factor. To study PLL as frequency demodulator. To study sampling and reconstruction of Pulse Amplitude modulation system. To study the Sensitivity, Selectivity, and Fidelity characteristics of super heterodyne receiver. To study Pulse Amplitude Modulation a.

Modulation and Demodulation of Pulse Position Modulation with Carrier

It is primarily useful for optical communications systems, which tend to have little or no multipath interference. An ancient use of pulse-position modulation was the Greek hydraulic semaphore system invented by Aeneas Stymphalus around B. The system used identical water-filled containers whose drain could be turned on and off, and a float with a rod marked with various predetermined codes that represented military messages. The operators would place the containers on hills so they could be seen from each other at a distance. To send a message, the operators would use torches to signal the beginning and ending of the draining of the water, and the marking on the rod attached to the float would indicate the message.

We present and investigate a method of chaotic pulse-time modulation PTM named chaotic pulse-width-position modulation CPWPM which is the combination of pulse-position-modulation PPM and pulse-width modulation PWM with the inclusion of chaos technique for digital communications. CPWPM signal is in the pulse train format, in which binary information is modulated onto chaotically-varied intervals of position and width of pulses, and therefore two bits are encoded on a single pulse. The operation of the method is described and the theoretical evaluation of bit-error rate BER performance in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise AWGN is provided. In addition, the chaotic behavior with tent map and its effect on average parameters of the system are investigated.

A Novel Demodulation Technique for Recovering PPM Signals in the Presence of Additive Noise

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Modulation and Different Types of Modulation

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ACHIEVEMENTS: generation and demodulation of pulse width modulated. (PWM​) and pulse position modulated (PPM) signals. PREREQUISITES: completion.

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Pulse Width Modulation

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In PAM, the amplitude of the pulsed carrier signal is varied according to the amplitude of analog modulating signal.

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Pulse Analog Modulation- PAM, PWM, PPM LO 1: Applications of Sampling Theory pass filter, we get the desired demodulated output.